Galactic domination in your pocket: Tiny Epic Galaxies review

Tiny Epic Galaxies (2015) is the space-themed version of the Tiny Epic series, a fast format game for 2 or more players.  It does a great job of getting players right into the game, working to strategically balance the pursuit of varying resources as they build their space empires.  You settle planets and work to achieve your secret goal.  The game strikes a great balance between simplicity and depth.  The game has a simple approach to everything, but with enough depth and choice to satisfy the strategic gamer.  Great warmup game, not quite an all-nighter.

Overall feeling

It’s a solid, space empire-building feeling of finding and settling new planets, deploying space ships and out-maneuvering other developing empires.  Despite a fast format, it captures the space feeling.

Setup highlights

The setup, like the rest of the game, is quick.  You shuffle two decks, set your markers up, deal 2 secret goals to each player and have them choose one, then go.

Theme and components

This is a simple game so the components are also similar, but they support the theme well.  The most interesting components are the custom dice, with facings that let you do things.  The player card and plastic pieces, such as the space ships, are very simple, but they work.  The swooshing, circular patterns on the player cards and planet cards somehow create a feeling of circling space and orbiting planets.

Who needs fancy components anyways?

Interesting mechanics and game play

Like the rest of the game, the mechanics are simple but the gameplay is solid.  In short, you roll the custom dice, and do what they let you do.  It’s quicker to the chase than drawing a bunch of cards, which I appreciate.  You get one “free” reroll of any dice, after that you have to use energy to reroll dice.  You can also store up Culture in order to “follow” other players’ actions, much like Eminent Domain and Glory to Rome.

Do-Something Ability

You will build up your empire, acquire new ships, settle planets, and create sort of an empire of planets with varying abilities.  You also have a chance to acquire a secret goal as part of your game.

Replay Ability

High.  It’s quick and fun.  The setup is easy, and the game gets you into it quickly to where you’ll want another shot to settle planets and see if you can reach your secret goal.  You wouldn’t play it all night or anything, it’s not as good as that, but you can play it as a 2-player game while waiting for others, but also a 3- or 4-player game before diving into something longer and heavier.


Another really good game.  I love the fast format that still has enough strategic depth and complexity to get you into it.  I wouldn’t say it has enough strategic density to play again and again, but as mentioned above, it definitely has replay value.  A really good one, worth investing in for those who like fast-paced games for 2 or more players.

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