Epic Duels Rogue One decks

Krennic and Chirrut & Baze defeated Jyn and Cassian & K-2SO, twice

Neither Jyn nor K-2 could get much going either game, while Chirrut & Baze are actually a pretty tough duo, at least in this matchup.  What’s also true is that of the 4, Krennic probably has the most staying power, followed by Chirrut & Baze, followed by Cassian and finally by Jyn.  Those Jyn and Cassian decks are both weak, there’s no problem with Jyn having a pair of D10s, nor with Cassian having a pair of A8s.  That’s about all they’ve got going for them.  Meanwhile, Krennic has got enough going on to be fun and interesting and pull his big move off every now and then , which is all you can really ask.  Chirrut & Baze are probably too strong the way I’ve currently designed them, a solid Tier 2C deck, maybe even 2B.  Baze’s attack cards are all really good, Chirrut’s are all solid as well and that’s 9 of 12 cards, with Baze’s final card a powerful one as well.

Jyn and Chirrut & Baze defeated Krennic and Cassian & K-2SO

This is after I’ve tweaked the decks a bit, but the common denominator is Chirrut & Baze in all 3 wins, and they didn’t even have a particularly good game in this one.  Just the 25 total HP and solid defense for both characters is way more staying power than anyone else, and this game was all about the staying power, with Krennic going all the way through his deck and all the other players doing near the same.  Everyone chipped each other away with little attacks and direct damage.  K-2SO went down, then a Death Trooper, then Chirrut, finally Krennic, then Baze and then it was just Cassian and a Death Trooper vs. Jyn, but Cassian had already spent most of what he had, while Jyn had used her A10 but reshuffled it.  The Death Trooper was also spent, already having gone through his deck.  Jyn concentrated on Cassian and killed him with a bunch of A4s, then the Death Trooper with more A4s.  She didn’t even get or need her last A10.  She’s really not that good, but the enemies concentrated on Chirrut & Baze but struggled to kill both.  Weak as it may seem, Baze probably has to go down to 10 HP.  It takes away a bit from the team dynamic you think this deck would have but Chirrut has pretty good defense that he’ll need to use to protect Baze, and trying to kill them is not guaranteed to be easy.  I’d rather have them have short life spans that they can do something big with, than a drawn out game of not very much.

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