Epic Duels Session Report

Finn & Poe and Ki-Adi-Mundi defeated Boba Fett & Dengar and Greedo & Thugs on Geonosis

I thought this game exposed Greedo a bit as not being able to do much.  He got both of his A8s off and got a decent, not great contribution from Boba & Dengar, while Ki-Adi-Mundi had very little going on.  Despite all that, it came down to Greedo & Ponda Baba vs. Finn and Poe, and at that point, there was almost no chance Greedo could win.  Greedo and Finn killed each other off, but Ponda Baba had no chance against Poe, even if he had gotten both of his HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU cards off.  Greedo didn’t get much from this thugs but even then, I think he might need a tad more, like the A10 IBLFTT we’ve been discussing on that page.

Anakin & Padme and Darth Maul defeated Dark Anakin and Asajj on Kamino Platform

What do you know, Asajjb lost again.  It’s generally what she does.  Maybe we’re overrating her, I guess we must be, because we treat her like a full-fledged Jedi but she’s never able to stand up to those who are, which actually makes perfect sense for her deck strength, if only we’d treat her like like the novice that she is.  Asajj didn’t take care to hide early in the game, letting Maul’s droid get some cheap damage on her.  Padme had a nice draw and fired more damage off on Asajj so that by the time Maul came up to do business, Asajj didn’t have enough left to hold him off.  Maul played0 two A8s, using one to do some major damage to Anakin before getting into position to go ahead and finish Asajjb off.  Light Anakin still hadn’t done much, Maul still had a pretty full deck of tricks, so Anakin conceded.  The game didn’t trigger any thoughts about the Asajj or Dark Anakin decks needing any changes, it’s just a matter of recognizing that Asajj can’t hang with those other 3 decks, not even original Anakin in a game without big minors, where he’s less effective.

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