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  • From Pehes_III on C-3PO Golden God

    Rob Daviau & Co.: We had ridiculously high Power Defence in the game, such as 12 or 15, because back then we though power attack would go even higher.

    Geektopia: hold my blue milk

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  • From Jay on LOTRED - Print and Play

    I am interested in printing off this game but sadly the link for Bilbo & Dwarves from the Hobbit isn’t working. Just thought I would put this here but the rest of the stuff looks fine

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  • From Lucas on San Hill & Wat Tambor

    Was just curious what the combo or benefit of this card it?

    D8. After defending, you may look at cards on the bottom of your draw pile, up to 3, rearrange them in any order, then put them on the bottom of your draw pile.

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    • From Justin on Epic Duels Gallery: Justin's Epic Duels set (with added content)

      Hey Gintas,
      Believe it or not MOST of these pieces are from the Star Wars miniature and legion games. They’re not super cheap but 3d printing is. Printing all the cards and laminating them at a staples is also super inexpensive.
      If I can put all of this together, anyone can!

      The only stuff I’d say is hard to duplicate are the pieces I frankensteined from other pieces like sequel series or specific legends characters who never got figures of their own.

      Believe it or not, and this is for Roman as well, I’ve actually expanded this even more recently. I’ve added Mandolorian decks, more Rogue One decks, and Solo decks. And I’ve also finally got my KotOR rep as well as Fallen Order!
      I found a really great 3D printing guy online who did steady work for all of the above. Highly recommend doing the research to find him and make those decks happen!

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    • From roman on Epic Duels Gallery: Justin's Epic Duels set (with added content)

      I won’t sell you anything related to Epic Duels but will help you print it out yourself. You can pay a print store to print and cut if you don’t want to do it yourself.

      If you want to buy something, you can buy Fearsome Wilderness:

      or Cage Match!:

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  • From Greg Reeves on Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

    Hi everyone! Love these decks!

    Is there a way to upload them in PDF format so that the resolution is best for printing (.jpg is not amazing). Also for minor edits to the text too.

    Thanks heaps.

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    • From Jonathan on Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

      Second this!

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    • From roman on Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

      Welcome Greg, and thanks for your interest. As of right now, I don’t know of a way to upload these JPGs to PDFs. We have some talented fans and I can ask around to see if anyone wants to remaster these, but until then, this is what you’ve got. I’ve printed all mine (obviously) and I’m very happy with how they turned out. If you need any tips, just comment here. Happy dueling!

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  • From James Bungart on Theoden

    Why is his health so low?

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  • From Aiha on Cage Match!

    Cage Match!: The MMA Fight Game

    How do you deliver products to Thailand?

    Vfi Asia or Fedex ?

    retailer and Distributor discount 50% or more ?

    What is the minimum order?

    How much is the shipping cost for Thailand?

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    • From roman on Cage Match!

      Hi and thanks for your interest. We’d have to arrange a one-off sale to Thailand. I will contact you via your email address.

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  • From roman on Sora Bulq

    Did I say RISING WHIRLWIND weakens Sora??? It looks like a good card to me! Though with the way FURIOUS ATTACK stacks on itself, he might better served with a 4th one of those instead of RW.

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  • From Shang-Chi – Epic Dueling Comics on Cin Drallig

    […] Spider-Man and Wolverine their enhanced martial arts skills. That brought to mind Geektopia’s Cin Drallig deck, and after some brainstorming, I came up with this fun and unique deck for Marvel Epic […]

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  • From Ian on Fennec Shand

    Sick deck…and yeah, I’m sure Mrs. Brons would understand

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  • From umondy on Luke & Yoda of Dagobah

    Did you alter Oni-Wan’s power attacks from 5 to 4 and 6 to 5?

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    • From roman on Luke & Yoda of Dagobah

      Yes. Even still I think this deck might play really strong. They’re awfully tough to bring down so offense has to be compromised.

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  • From Aaron (DW) on Unmatched Legends Volume 2 Early Review

    Just a quick correction: That’s Sun Wukong. Ryo Jango Bang is the card name.

    So damn excited for this set when I can afford it.

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  • From Andrew on Lando Calrissian

    First time commenting here so hello! In Lando’s “Gambler’s Fallancy” cards what does a “purple field” mean?

    Thanks for all the decks!

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    • From roman on Lando Calrissian

      Oh thanks Andrew! You know I’d probably play the DT Lando, referenced on this page, over ours, but anyways purple means red. An “all” roll.

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  • From Ian on Games of Gen Con 2021

    Yeah. You have it.

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  • From Kurt on Epic Duels

    I would love to find a Beilert Valance deck, but I haven’t ran across one yet. Do you guys know of any?

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  • From umondy on Luke & Yoda of Dagobah

    by the way wouldn’t be the correct term for Ben’s state be Force GHOST instead of Spirit? 😀

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  • From umondy on Luke & Yoda of Dagobah

    I struggled for quite some time to get a deck together for dagobah Luke/Yoda and never could figure it out because I always tried to get Yoda some action as well but this proved to be too ambitious. I love your take on the whole matter though and am pretty sure they will end up in my next print run. I love ACPOV by the way. Great interpretation!

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  • From Joshua on Cave Troll

    battle card link is taking me to the wrong battle card images

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  • From umondy on The Jedi Exile

    Absolutely agree on FEROCITY FORM. That is a really cool card. Would love to see it in that deck as well.

    I feel that MODERATION FORM and LIGHSTABER FORM MASTERY have pretty similar effects. Maybe leaving one of them out or kinda combining the effect would give us room to integrate FF somehow.

    I love all the Minion cards you put in as they are pretty fitting but agree on your assesment that they maybe still under represented for their depth.

    FORCE WOUND is another card I feel works great for Meetra.

    I feel like Dbl BLADED MASTERY would work as a an 3xA3 and 2x A4/D4 MODERATION with the effect lasting until your next turn would be a good base for her and like I said would probably make LIGHTSABER FORM MASTERY obsolete.
    This would create space for 1x FF and 2 more cards for the minions as they still could use some punch. Either something to attack or maybe some variation of AGGRESSION STRIKE to reflect her leadership and role as General during the Mandalorian wars.
    Maybe something like:
    Move each minion up to 3 spaces. Then each minion attacks a character they can attack with an attack value of 5. This attack cannot be increased by cards in the discard pile. Then you may put this card on the bottom of your discard pile.

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  • From umondy on The Jedi Exile

    Uhhh…you did it: a fresh version of The Exile! That in itself is awesoem!
    A few questions remain though:
    FORCE INFLUENCE: I BELIEVE I know what the purpose is but I don’t 100% understand the card. What is meant by “the chosen minor may use the discard pile as his own” does it say the minor can use the effects of the top discard pile for his cards? Any other effect becides that coming with it?
    MODERATION FORM: The effect can only be used against one attack, as after the defense there is a new card on top of the pile because it isn’t your turn anymore, correct? Wouldn’t it be better to lengthen that effect like you did with RESILIENCE FORM? So it would last more than one attack.
    I really like the way you used FORCE INFLUENCE to make use of her ability to have a high (poitive) influence on her followers but are you sure this one card is enough to justify two generic-personality minors that can’t do anything besided that? Maybe 1 or 2 less forms and something for those minors would give them more reason to be?
    When you play DOUBLE BLADED MASTERY what about any “form” effects are they also active for the second attack that the card grants? For example if you played CONTENTION FORM before, is she than attacking A5 twice or A5 and the second attack stays an A3?

    Thanks again for taking the time to create a new Exile deck 🙂

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  • From Carter on LOTRED - Print and Play

    Printing soon! Really excited. Looks fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work

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  • From Christopher Allsopp on Favorite old PC games and their influence on board games

    I remember the days of Xcom and discworld on the pc plus still one of my favs the original Diablo and Starcraft… however these are still modern ish games.. loved

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  • From James on Cage Match!

    Inspired by Unmatched: Bruce Lee, I made a “Bruce Lee” fighter and uploaded it to BGG last September.

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  • From David Cooke on Jango Fett

    I was thinking Sniper Shot could be comboed with the “upgraded” flamethrower though I don’t know if it would always work that way in a game. But that was the idea.

    Flamethrower at 3 spaces would be hard to play if you didn’t combo it with another card. Because the melee opponent (I guess its different if you play it against another shooter, but oh well) can usually just close the distance and hit Jango twice (4 times in 2 v 2). I was thinking the 6 spaces would allow the card to be a viable hit and run card in its own right, and also could be comboed with Sniper Shot for a big attack.

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    • From roman on Jango Fett

      3 copies of that SNIPER SHOT to go with 1 copy of the FLAMETHROWER will result in a pretty weak Zam most of the time. Then you go Separatist’s route of 2 FLAMETHROWERS and 2 FUTJ and drop the WRIST CABLES, and I would go 4 damage and 6 movement on the FTs. Your opponents will have more cards than you much of the time, because you’re spending no action cards, or doing direct damage without forcing them to discard. Could still be fun though and at least a little dangerous.

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  • From Decks By Power Level – Law Bringer Epic Duels on Decks - Power Level

    […] the decks from the original game tie into the system (IMO). I’d also strongly suggest reading Geektopia page on power level, which has a lot of really good stuff on power levels in Epic […]

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