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Sora Bulq

Minor(s): 2 Battle Droids

Sora Bulq is a new deck we created for several reasons: We always want more Jedi types, we want more bad guys, and we want to find a way to make the “attack again” mechanic from the EU and 10YA Asajj deck work in a deck of our own.

In a 2016 session Sora was considered “fun” and “ready to step in”.

What does this deck do:  Duels with up to 4 strong attacks in one turn, and attacks while defending too.

Updated 1/25/18

Sora Bulq
by Roman F

Sora Bulq
16 HP
Red Deck

2x Battle Droid Officers
4 HP Each
Weak Ranged Minor Deck

Sora Bulq – 12 Talent Cards

A4*.  After attacking, you may attack the defending character again with another attack card without using an action, even if you play this card as your second action or following a JAR’KAI PARRY.

A4*.  *If this attack is not blocked, attack value is 8.

A6*. *After attacking, Bulq may attack each other enemy adjacent to him with this card, going clockwise. Each character can defend.

D4*. *After defending, you may attack the attacking character without using an action.

Draw 3 cards.

Move Bulq and each Battle Droid Officer up to 4 spaces each.  Draw a card.

Figures:  I would go with the Weequay Leader, far from perfect but you get it. I modded one with lightsabers.

This deck centers around the “attack again” mechanic from the aforementioned Asajj deck, plus it might be the first deck where “if not blocked” attacks have a chance to, well, not be blocked (in most decks, opponents always block those cards).  This deck is intended to wear you down with up to 4 attacks in a single turn (following a possible counter-attack), depleting your defense enough to get an “if not blocked” attack through for big damage and a victory. GAIN POWER is included mostly because this deck needs that exact card to function or otherwise the controlling player will spend all his time drawing cards to launch a second attack. Other names were considered, but since Sora Bulq is affiliated with Count Dooku, it makes sense to keep the name the same.  I mulled over whether to include RISING WHIRLWIND, a card that is a signature move of Sora’s, but probably serves to dilute and weaken him a bit instead of a 4th FURIOUS ATTACK, but am keeping it for flavor and because he probably shouldn’t be better than Tier 2.  He isn’t, since we swapped his fairly tough Sith Acolytes for Battle Droid Officers.

Vassal X-Y:  500, 2150, in a spot previously held by Luke Grand Master, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.





    • roman says:

      Yeah, I get the same feeling from the few times I’ve seen him. The combos are what make him strong, but they’re also what make him fun, so I don’t want to take those away.

      I actually think just switching out his minors for weak ones would go a long way towards making him the appropriate power level. I could just give some battle droids or something.

        • roman says:

          Thanks for commenting on this little-used deck. As much as I like the Dark Acolytes, they do overpower the deck versus where I want it to be, which is Tier 2B at best.

          I could just make Sora himself less powerful but if 2 decks are of equal strength, it’s typically more fun to play a strong major with 2 weak minors, than a weaker major propped up by strong minors.

        • roman says:

          So I changed the Dark Acolytes to less exciting but better balanced Battle Droid Officers, or Battle Droids with 4 HP each.

          I also took his FURIOUS ATTACK cards down to A4*. I don’t like him having 2 different types of A4s so perhaps I’ll up TWIN ATTACK to A5 but it makes more sense as it currently is, so I’ve left it alone for now.

          He’s weaker but can still potentially do A4 + A5, A4 + A5 in a single turn, if you’re following up from a partner’s previous attacks that’s not quite Maul level, but it’s pretty devastating. I think he’s still likely Tier 2 but at the lower end, which is ideal for him.

          • umondy says:

            Sounds good. Agree on the A4 twice, don’t like that either but don’t have a better idea besides leaving FURIOUS ATTACK at an A5. Increasing TWIN STRIKE makes no sence.
            One thing I don’t get though, you mention RISING WHIRLWIND serves to weaken Sora? How is that? Isn’t it a very devestating attack, at least if you are fighting in a crowd.

  1. roman says:

    Did I say RISING WHIRLWIND weakens Sora??? It looks like a good card to me! Though with the way FURIOUS ATTACK stacks on itself, he might better served with a 4th one of those instead of RW.

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