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  • From Snarflcat on 10 Deadliest Characters in The Expanse

    This is a Potential Baddass List, NOT A KILL COUNT.
    It’s A Kill Count that I need. (Don’t ask why, it’s a secret mission… Ubiquitous Mendacious Polyglotal.)

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  • From lois on C-3PO Golden God

    i don’tunderstand the card divine influence

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    • From roman on C-3PO Golden God

      Hi Lois, thanks for your interest. Anyone adjacent to an Ewok or C-3P0 takes 2 damage, and for each damaged character, you discard a card. What’s not clear?

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  • From Lorin Crandall on 10 Deadliest Characters in The Expanse

    Avasarala may not be a fighter, but she did make choices that cost a lot of belters their lives after the ring gates opened.

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    • From roman on 10 Deadliest Characters in The Expanse

      She may not use guns, knives or fists, but Chrisjen is absolutely a fighter! One of the feistiest fighters in the series. She’s also called on to make one extremely difficult decision after another and can’t be expected to get them all correct.

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  • From James on Cage Match!

    Would you be willing to share any clunky/unused fighters or moves/combos, either online or offline, that fans could print-and-play?

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    • From roman on Cage Match!

      Hi James, thanks so much for your interest. I’ve been meaning to respond to your prior comment. Yes, I can share some of those ideas. There is a bit of a formula to the power moves I can share as well. Just a bit busy right now.

      As for Wizard Bags & Biscuits, thanks for your interest in that as well. However, we will likely be announcing another project shortly.

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  • From Douglas P Lawlor on Making Epic Decks Part 1 of 3

    How do you guys make your own character pieces? Just curious.

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    • From roman on Making Epic Decks Part 1 of 3

      Hi Doug, do you mean the figures? They are very hard to find these days. The figures page at the Wiki is your best resource, and you can ask questions there as well:

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  • From Freaky Mutant Man on The Nazgul

    These have always been big favorites of mine for as long as I’ve been playing with the LOTR sets (so as far back as, like, 2016/2017) – they just feel good to play, and always feel effective without being overwhelmingly so. When I don’t know who else to play, they’re a common go-to, and in my experience new players are often drawn to them even if their unconventionality might make them somewhat poor picks to introduce the game with.

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  • From Carter on Epic Duels


    I’ve been a big fan of LOTR epic duels, printed it all off and enjoyed all the decks. I’ve been trying to make my own, just wondering if you have the base photoshop files for the original 18 decks. They look so beautiful and I would like to continue the art style in my decks that I’m making!

    If you happen to have those it would be so amazing, I’d definitely publish my characters too. Also if you have the star wars epic duel base photoshop files that would be killer!

    Thanks for everything already! I love this community


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  • From James on Cage Match!

    Heavyweights, wrestlers, boxers…

    Any new content coming?

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    • From roman on Cage Match!

      Hi James. Thanks for asking, but it doesn’t look likely. We have some other projects going right now. Maybe we can do some fan-made stuff.

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      • From James Reynolds on Cage Match!

        Fair enough. The not really a need for heavy weights since weight classes are represented on the Hit Point chart and really just for flavor and game length.

        I guess, just new fighters is the only thing needed. With time, my first idea was just to gender swap the existing, tested, fighters to allow for larger tournaments.

        You mention doing some fan made stuff, are there any art files or design philosophies you would care to share with the fans?

        Did you guys have any formula or pattern that you used to create the individual moves and combos?

        Would you be willing to share any clunky/unused fighters or moves/combos, either online or offline, that fans could print-and-play? Possibly the Advanced Mode that you mentioned in a design diary post.

        I can’t wait to check out what you do with Wizard Biscuits & Wizard Bags since the first game I designed at 11 or 12 was Knight Ball, a rules variation of croquet. I love this type of game design – simple and fun.

        Thanks for your time

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        • From roman on Cage Match!

          So, if you look at the Hook, it does 3 damage. Anyone can add 2 focus, and do a hook for up to 7 damage. So, if a special move is going to be a Hook, and it’s going to cost 2 focus, it really needs to do at least 8 damage (if not 9) or there’s nothing “special” about it, it’s just a Hook that anyone can do.

          So that’s really the formula: Pick your move (Hook, Round Kick, etc.) and give it a fun name, start with 2 focus and give it just a little more damage than what the standard move with 2 focus would do to make it special. From there you can play with it, maybe increase the dice and/or damage, or throw in a fun “critical hit” like Kentaro’s Whirlwind Kick, we probably need more of those.

          For the ground moves it’s all a bit trickier, but again, anyone can use 1 focus and add +1 to their dice, so a special move needs to be just a tick better than that. I felt like there were more submission moves to explore in an expansion.

          One clear idea I had for a heavyweight is a Chuck Lidell type. His special ability is +2 to all Jabs, which is so devastating against ground types that I’d only give him one special, a big Hook of some sort.

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  • From Justin on LOTRED - Print and Play

    Hello! I was super excited to come across this site and LOTRED content. My brother and I have been playing SWED since we were kiddos, and still play to this day. I am going to try to print a *core box* of this game consisting of the first 12 Heroes. I noticed that those files are JPG while later expansions you have are PDF, and wanted to see if anyone made the PDF versions for the older files?
    If not, do you have a way of sharing better quality or original files for those? Printing quality on the JPG is not very good and I think there is a lot of compression on the JPG download. I tested a PDF, and those are printing great!
    I will definitely share my results if I can get stuff to come out good! My hope is to have a sweet surprise to bring to game night. 😉
    Thank you! and thanks to all who have contributed! This content is absolutely amazing!

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  • From Separatist18 on Bo-Katan Kryze

    Is the dark saber supposed to be a ranged attack?

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  • From Forbidden Psalm – Mörk Borg Skirmish Gaming – Geektopia Games on Modular Wargaming Terrain: A Low Cost How-to DIY

    […] started using one of my modular wargaming boards I made a long time ago, here’s a link to that tutorial I […]

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  • From Noah Peters on The Mandalorian

    Hey I am wanting to play this deck but the Link is not working?

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  • From Andy on Sun Wukong

    Hi can i summon 3 clones at the start of in exchange for 3 health at the start of my turn, or is this once per turn?

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    • From roman on Sun Wukong

      I would ask on boardgamegeek but I’m pretty sure it’s just the one per turn.

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  • From Pehes III on Luke Skywalker

    “Alternates between being passive and angry”. Between that and Anakin’s Anger/Calm combo, passive-aggressiveness and mood swings must run in the family

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  • From Jose Monroy on Anakin Sith Apprentice

    having a small issue when printing out this deck, for some strange reason the last page will not align with the deck. it gets printed to the side and cut off, any idea on how to fix this?

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    • From roman on Anakin Sith Apprentice

      Strange, I don’t see anything different about this deck versus the others. By last page, you mean the last 4 cards? Or the card backs?

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  • From Jose Monroy on Sifo Dyas

    anyway to get this PDF working again?

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  • From Jose Monroy on Geektopia Epic Duels Vassal and other Updates

    Just want to say how thankful I am for this game and I’m excited to keep it alive and going

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  • From JAG18 on Vassal Extensions

    The link for “Row 900” isn’t working.

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  • From Separatist18 on Luthen Rael

    I’d just maybe suggest adding additional text to “Sacrifice” to avoid an inevitable rules debate. Either “if you have no spies remaining, you can’t play this card” or “If you have one or more spies on the board, destroy one”. Obviously the main difference being whether or not you can play the A8 if you don’t have any spies in the game, but currently it would come down to subjective interpretation which I could see being annoying for people.

    IDK if this would be in character or not, but it might be interesting to do “If there are no spies on the board, Luthen takes 1 damage” after the second flavor text, so Luthen is always sacrificing *something* for the A8.

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    • From roman on Luthen Rael

      It does not require the sacrifice of a spy, making a better card later in the game when your spies might already be destroyed, because you already “sacrificed” them. Plus it would be really weak if you HAD to destroy a spy — that’s a big penalty, and the main reason why Luke Rebel Commando’s EXPLOSIVE CHARGE card doesn’t work very well.

      I like the 1 damage idea, but once I clear up the wording, adding the part about “otherwise do 1 damage” gets too wordy.

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  • From Geektopia Epic Duels Vassal and other Updates – Geektopia Games on Sifo Dyas

    […] found some better imagery for Sifo Dyas, so if you haven’t seen that deck or were scared off by the last set of images, give it a […]

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  • From Pehes_III on C-3PO Golden God

    Rob Daviau & Co.: We had ridiculously high Power Defence in the game, such as 12 or 15, because back then we though power attack would go even higher.

    Geektopia: hold my blue milk

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  • From Jay on LOTRED - Print and Play

    I am interested in printing off this game but sadly the link for Bilbo & Dwarves from the Hobbit isn’t working. Just thought I would put this here but the rest of the stuff looks fine

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  • From Lucas on San Hill & Wat Tambor

    Was just curious what the combo or benefit of this card it?

    D8. After defending, you may look at cards on the bottom of your draw pile, up to 3, rearrange them in any order, then put them on the bottom of your draw pile.

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    • From Justin on Epic Duels Gallery: Justin's Epic Duels set (with added content)

      Hey Gintas,
      Believe it or not MOST of these pieces are from the Star Wars miniature and legion games. They’re not super cheap but 3d printing is. Printing all the cards and laminating them at a staples is also super inexpensive.
      If I can put all of this together, anyone can!

      The only stuff I’d say is hard to duplicate are the pieces I frankensteined from other pieces like sequel series or specific legends characters who never got figures of their own.

      Believe it or not, and this is for Roman as well, I’ve actually expanded this even more recently. I’ve added Mandolorian decks, more Rogue One decks, and Solo decks. And I’ve also finally got my KotOR rep as well as Fallen Order!
      I found a really great 3D printing guy online who did steady work for all of the above. Highly recommend doing the research to find him and make those decks happen!

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    • From roman on Epic Duels Gallery: Justin's Epic Duels set (with added content)

      I won’t sell you anything related to Epic Duels but will help you print it out yourself. You can pay a print store to print and cut if you don’t want to do it yourself.

      If you want to buy something, you can buy Fearsome Wilderness:

      or Cage Match!:

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  • From Greg Reeves on Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

    Hi everyone! Love these decks!

    Is there a way to upload them in PDF format so that the resolution is best for printing (.jpg is not amazing). Also for minor edits to the text too.

    Thanks heaps.

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    • From Jonathan on Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

      Second this!

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    • From roman on Lord of the Rings Epic Duels

      Welcome Greg, and thanks for your interest. As of right now, I don’t know of a way to upload these JPGs to PDFs. We have some talented fans and I can ask around to see if anyone wants to remaster these, but until then, this is what you’ve got. I’ve printed all mine (obviously) and I’m very happy with how they turned out. If you need any tips, just comment here. Happy dueling!

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