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Quinlan Vos

Minor(s): 2 Quarren Mercenaries

This is one of several that came out following the release of the Star Wars Minis Clone Strike set, but this might be our favorite from that group.

by Ian & Geektopia

Quinlan Vos
16 HP
22 cards
Red Deck

2 Quarren Mercenaries
4 HP Each
9 cards
Weak Ranged Minor deck

Quinlan – 12 Talent Cards

A5. Playing this card does not count as an action. Quinlan takes 2 damage.

Choose an opponent. Look at opponent’s hand except for 2 cards. Choose 2 of the revealed cards from the opponent’s hand to discard.

D0. Attacker takes 3 damage.

Heal Quinlan 4 points. Move Quinlan up to 4 spaces.

D9. Draw a card.

A*.  Attack value is equal to the amount of damage Quinlan has taken.

Theme: Walk the line between light and dark
Path to Victory: Multiple DARK FEAR on their own, or + BRINK or PAST REVEALED
Strengths: High no-action attacks, force opponents to discard, healing
Weaknesses: Low defense, weak minors
Strategy: Stockpile, stockpile, attack, heal
Test Level: High
Tier: 2

What does this deck do:  Powers up as it takes damage, peaking just before death, and damages itself.

Inspiration: This was sort of a new level of deck-making for us. Instead of starting with a character and building a deck to reflect him, we built the deck around the concepts that became DARK FEAR, BRINK and PAST REVEALED, then assigned a character – we felt Quinlan was the best fit – then built the rest of the deck out. This deck is one of the more fun decks to play, albeit very similar to Maul.

Playing Quinlan: Quinlan is a difficult deck to play: His biggest attack, BRINK is best when he’s injured, but there’s the danger that he’ll die. His best attack most of the time, DARK FEAR, injures him. His only movement card, PAST REVEALED, is also a critical healing card. Like Maul, Quinlan needs to build up a good hand and then unleash it all at once. Several DARK FEAR cards played along with a couple of 5/1’s is more attack power than most foes can withstand, making him nearly as dangerous as Maul. Don’t get too greedy with BRINK, playing it as an A8 or A9 is perfectly good. Keep Quinlan near the action, but behind his Quarren Mercenaries so he doesn’t get killed.

Playing against Quinlan: Attack, attack, attack. Quinlan doesn’t have great staying power, and the more you damage him, the harder it is for him to play DARK FEAR, just be careful about damaging without killing him since damage to him powers up BRINK. BRINK is scary, but only if he’s still alive to use it. Beware stockpiling too much, Quinlan benefits from stockpiling as much as anyone and he can use PSYCHOMETRICS to take your cards away.





  1. umondy says:


    this deck really looks awesome.
    I was wondering if this deck would also work as a solo deck as I’m looking for a good solo deck for Quinlan. He really comes a cross as a loner character who works as an undercover agent etc. So I think this would be really fitting for him.

    You mentioned he needs his minors to survive long enough. Any idea how to change the deck so it would actually work withou the minors?

    • roman says:

      Looks like you’ve already taken a crack at it! I’m not really into solo decks so I don’t have much guidance to offer, but I always recommend looking at the Transformers decks, which are listed at the Forum somewhere.

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