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San Hill & Wat Tambor

Minor(s): 2 Super Battle Droids

I’ve had some fun with the Uruk-hai Army deck from LOTRED and I’m finally doing a dual-major deck for SWED.

What does this deck do:  An A9 CONSPIRACY, then puts it at the bottom and draws cards to try to get to it again.

San Hill & Wat Tambor
by Roman F
graphic design by BML Designs (hit card, San/Wat basic, card back)

San Hill
9 HP

Wat Tambor
9 HP

San Hill & Wat Tambor share a Yellow deck and have 22 cards total.

2 Super Battle Droids
Strong Minor Deck
9 cards

San Hill – 8 talent cards

A4.  Draw a card for every point of damage done with this attack.

A9.  After attacking, instead of putting this card on your discard pile, put it on the bottom of your deck.

D8.  After defending, you may look at cards on the bottom of your draw pile, up to 3, rearrange them in any order, then put them on the bottom of your draw pile.

Move all allied minors up to 5 spaces each. Draw a card.

Draw 3 cards OR you and an allied player may each draw 2 cards.

Wat Tambor – 4 talent cards

A4*.  *Add 2 to the attack value for each Super Battle Droid that has been destroyed.

Each Super Battle Droid does 2 damage to all adjacent enemies.  Draw a card for each character that takes damage.

Notes:  What’s tricky here is making them a threat without making them too good.  Also, San Hill is the key to the deck and I don’t think there’s any way around that, so I have to give him some defense while making Wat an offensive threat.  Ultimately the deck only works if Wat, along with the SBDs, is expendable.

CONSPIRACY means San Hill can win alone if he doesn’t get killed so as the player, you want to pester your enemies to first kill the droids which ramps up WAR OF ATTRITION, then tie them up with Wat while churning through your deck.  Once you get to the last card, it would be your 3rd CONSPIRACY and in the unlikely case the game is still going, you can put it back on the bottom of your deck and play it again and again.

Vassal X-Y: 500, 1650, a spot previously occupied by Sora Bulq, but where San Hill belongs, right next to Nute.  If you also have the Sora Bulq deck for Vassal, you will have download an updated one since he has been moved to a lower row.





  1. umondy says:

    Like I already said. Love the deck. Curious how it plays. The pdf is missing the health chart though and here DROID ARMY is no power combat and has no value I believe that is wrong?

    • roman says:

      The PDF isn’t ready but should be coming soon. In the meantime I’ve corrected the text on DROID ARMY — thanks. Something that’s bothering me is, Wat is completely reliant on the Super Battle Droids. Without them, he’s got 2 useless cards and no real threat. I like the little direct damage game he has going, but maybe instead of DROID ARMY it needs to be DROID SACRIFICE, A4 + 2 for each Super Battle Droid that has been destroyed.

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