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Poggle the Lesser

I’ve had ideas for him rolling around my head for a long time.

Pair with San Hill and Wat Tambor for a more full Separatist Army experience!

Poggle the Lesser
by Roman

Poggle the Lesser
13 HP
Brown Deck

2x Geonisian Warriors (up to 4 at one time)
4 HP Each
Weak Ranged Deck

3x Staff of Command
A5. Draw a card for each Geonosian in play, up to 3.

2x Dark Alliance
A6/D6. Move Poggle adjacent to any allied character.

2x Completed Plans
A5*. *Add 2 if at least one Dark Alliance is in your discard pile. Add 3 if at least one Ulterior Motives is in your discard pile.

2x Ulterior Motives
You can only play this card if at least one Dark Alliance is in your discard pile. Poggle or one Geonosian does 3 damage to all characters he can attack at range.

2x Archduke of Geonosis
Put a Geonosian with full health adjacent to Poggle the Lesser and draw a card.

1x Overseer
Move all allied Geonosian warriors to any empty space and draw 2 cards.

Play these cards in the right order, and you’ll have a big advantage.  Poggle is going to try to play this out and get his plans completed.  For character reasons it seems like he should be extremely fragile, which means his cards can be quite strong.




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