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Kit Fisto

Minor(s): 2 Clone Troopers

Remade in 2021 after many, many years.

What does this deck do:  Defends well, force pushes, and gets stronger on offense as the game goes on.

Updated May 2021

Kit Fisto
by Roman F based on ideas by PD Magnus and Tim Wutke

Kit Fisto
17 HP
Blue deck

2x Clone Troopers
Weak ranged minor deck

A4*.  *Add 2 to the attack value for each PERSISTENCE card in your discard pile.

A6.  After attacking, Fisto may exchange places with one of his Clone Troopers.

D6.  Do 2 damage to any character Fisto could attack with a blaster.

Move any character adjacent to Fisto to any space on the board.  Character takes 2 damage.

Move Fisto and his Clone Troopers up to 5 spaces each.  Then one Clone Trooper may recover full damage.

Look at the top card of your draw pile. You may put it in your hand or the discard pile. Do this for the next 2 cards on top of your draw pile.

Notes: So the original Kit Fisto by PD Magnus was fun, but once we stripped BATTLE SPIRIT from it to give to Qui-Gon, where it works very well, we could never get any version of this Fisto deck to work.  This is Episode II Fisto and the RICOCHET and FORCE PUSH are his signature moves from the movie.  CLONE CHARGE is a fun card, a solid bread and butter card, and we always thought NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT was interesting and wanted to make that work.  So between those 4 cards and some movement, you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to build a fun deck, but it just never came together for us.

2x (or 3x) CLONE CHARGE
A7 (or A6 or A5).  After attacking, Fisto may exchange places with one of his Clone Troopers.

D6.  Do 2 damage to any character Fisto could attack with a blaster.

Move any character adjacent to Fisto to any space on the board.  Character takes 2 damage.

Choose an opponent.  Opponent must place his hand face up and play cards from the face up position. Newly drawn cards can be played normally.


The old version, you can still play, and it has enough tricks to be fun, but he struggles to do a whole lot.  CLONE CHARGE is his bread and butter yet it’s also his main power combat card that he relies on, so his combat abilities are a bit thin.  We liked NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT so we made an INSIGHTFUL ATTACK that is supposed to combo with it and be his big hitter, but it’s rare that the combo plays the way we had envisioned, so you just keep it in your hand hoping for that combo and in the meanwhile the game is playing out and you’re not really involved.  I had always hoped to come up with something better.

Then while playing with Tim Wutke’s Avatar set (years and years ago now) I was most impressed with the Prince Zuko & Iroh deck and particularly the FIRE BLAST card.

A4*.  *Add 2 to the attack value for each FIRE BLAST in your discard pile.  Draw a card.
(note that all characters in Avatar can attack at range with 1 less damage and this is true for this card as well)

I inserted this card (without the card draw) into Fisto’s deck and called it PERSISTENCE.  I don’t remember if we ever even play tested it or not, but my group frowned on the fact that it’s slow to get going, and responded with a version of Fisto with an A9 that decreases in power each time you use it, a bit like Ahsoka’s HEADSTRONG but without the reshuffle mechanic.  Plus he had a LEAPING FORCE BLAST which let him leap to a spot and scatter all the minors around.

The thing is, RICOCHET, FORCE PUSH and a Blue deck make for a very defensively strong character, plus he can use CLONE CHARGE to get out of trouble.  So, you add this big early offense and control to an already strong defensive character with hit and run, and it’s no wonder that the one time we saw this version, he looked super strong.  We could probably tinker with it to balance it, with a focus on reducing his defense and making him a more aggressive character.  I think that’s a fun direction, but not one that I really want to take with Episode II Kit Fisto.  With Fisto, I like RICOCHET and FORCE PUSH and that means a more defensive presence and the hit and run abilities of CLONE CHARGE, which I also like, means big attacks will make him overpowered.

So basically, those are the other 2 versions of this deck that my group tinkered with back when we used to play Epic Duels, but this is the version of the Kit Fisto deck that I like and I think that’s probably enough reason to go ahead with it, but here are some more:

  • The “old” Fisto deck is ok but our group agrees that it doesn’t work that well.  I will preserve that one and keep it available here in case anyone wants to use it, but I personally will not, especially due to my note below about NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT.
  • The one with strong early offense was too strong and needs work, perhaps even something of an overhaul.  There is nobody working on that deck right now.
  • My version is not based off an idea that I think can work, but is based off a deck that I’ve already seen work and play well.  The new card fits in with RICOCHET and FORCE PUSH and CLONE CHARGE.
  • Besides, the other guys aren’t really playing anymore.  I’m still playing and making decks.  If anyone is going to play with Kit Fisto, it’s going to be me, and the followers of this blog.

I saw this version play in May 2021 and I thought it was pretty fun.  Between PERSISTENCE, CLONE CHARGE and FORCE PUSH he’s got 8 offensive cards, so he always has something he can use, and with his strong defense, he can get up into the action and use them without being overpowered.  He got off an A4 and A6 PERSISTENCE in the game that I saw, and a well-timed CLONE CHARGE might have been the key to the game as it got him out of danger.

The one card I didn’t really care for, seeing it played against people who aren’t in my usual group, was NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT with the face up cards on the table.  I realized I didn’t want to explain how the card works and just left it in my hand, unused.  I’m keeping it in the old version of the Fisto deck that I’m preserving, but I’m going to do something else with that card slot in this deck.

As for those other Fisto decks, there’s another deck out there for another character with a card that does what NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT does, as Darth Wolverine suggested.  There’s another, aggressive deck out there with an A9 that decreases and a LEAPING FORCE BLAST that is either defensively weak, or a very strong deck.  Someone else can do those.  Maybe I’ll feel like doing them some day, but not now.

Then there’s this deck.  CLONE CHARGE is a good bread and butter card since it includes movement, but it is back to being 2x as it was in the original version and now we have 4x PERSISTENCE to replace 4x BATTLE SPIRIT.  PERSISTENCE is bread and butter for sure — just a straight attack that is quite strong once you get the first one out of the way.  Just need to figure out what to do with the NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT card — can be renamed and the effect can be completely different.  It’s what we call a “sponge” slot and should flex to what Fisto still needs.





  1. umondy says:

    I like the concept in general but INSTILL COURAGE is something I would avoid playing as it reduces the number of PERSITANCE attacks you could play. I also don’t get why a 2nd one is considered better by you?
    Maybe a big card (maybe an attack) that allows/forces you to reshuffle the discard pile into the draw pile would help? This way you could load up PERSISTANCE for a big attack and than shuffle those attacks back into your draw pile maybe for more smaller attacks…?

    • roman says:

      Yeah I’d like for INSTILL COURAGE to interact with PERSISTENCE but the current effect probably isn’t the right one. Maybe look at your top 3 cards and if there’s a PERSISTENCE then put it in your hand? Still probably only one of these IC cards, and then he could have another version of NAUTOLEAN INSIGHT or something else entirely. It should probably be pretty weak though, because he’s a sturdy duelist right now, can dish it out and take it.

      • JAG18 says:

        First, let me say that this is probably my favorite version of any of the Kit Fisto decks you’ve done. I was thinking the same as you about having a second IC, but I think Umondy’s right here. I also like the idea of IC interacting with PERSISTENCE, but I can’t think of anything other than making it a WOOKIEE INSTINCTS (NAUTOLEAN INSTINCTS?), but that sounds redundant when you already have 4 copies of it.

        Also, I think another Kit Fisto deck does this, but what do you think of changing CLONE CHARGE to ATTACK OF THE CLONES? (Unless you think that’s too cheesy. :p)

        • roman says:

          Ha! Well, in deference to the old deck by PD Magnus I’d like to leave it as CLONE CHARGE, a good name itself.

          We just need to figure out something for those last 2 card slots. At least one movement card, possibly 2. Like I said, he’s already pretty strong so if the secondary effect is weak it’s fine, I just don’t want “draw a card”.

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