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Admiral Ackbar

Minor(s): Wedge Antilles

This is a restoration of an old deck.  With a lack of Ackbar decks and lack of Wedge decks around, and great figures, images and quotes for both, I’m determined to figure out something fun for this duo.  I always thought this was the most intriguing of the Ackbar deck concepts, so comment below and let’s put something together!

Admiral Ackbar
by Roman F and Geektopia, based on a deck by Scott Hagarty (unverified)

Admiral Ackbar
14 HP
Yellow Deck

Wedge Antilles
10 HP
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

Ackbar – 8 special cards

A4*. *Add 3 to the attack value if Wedge can also attack the same character.

A6.  After attacking, move Ackbar up to 4 spaces, and then move Wedge up to 4 spaces.

D8.  Ackbar may play this card as defense for Ackbar or for Wedge. If played for Wedge, Wedge receives any damage and effects.

Ackbar and Wedge each recover up to 2 points of damage. Move Ackbar up to 5 spaces and then move Wedge up to 5 spaces.

Choose an opponent. That opponent must reveal their hand and discard all basic combat cards.

Wedge – 4 special cards

A4*. *If the target of the attack is a major character, the attack value of this card is 8.

A8.  Double the value of any basic combat card played as defense.

Bonus Wedge .PDF card: replaces one PREPARE RETREAT

Draw 5 cards. Then remove Wedge from the game. Playing this card does not count as an action.

Notes:  This version looks pretty solid to me.  They’ve got the potential for really good offense, but they’re a brittle pair and they lose most of their O once Wedge goes down.





  1. umondy says:

    That is so cool, finally a “new” Ackbar deck and even one using Wedge. Can’t wait to play test it!
    Love the concept and all the cards, looks really fun and will be a great alternative to my standard Ackbar deck (with Rebel Troops).

    • roman says:

      Thanks! I’m excited about it too. I think it’s a good deck, not a great deck. Good, because it has 2 very recognizable characters and some great quotes. Not great because Ackbar doesn’t really do anything interesting. I’m thinking of making IT’S A TRAP a defense card he can use to defend any character, at least that would be unique. SORRY probably needs to not count as an action, because using an action to sacrifice one of your characters is generally a terrible move. If anything, we’ll reduce the card draw.

      • umondy says:

        I like your idea for IT’S A TRAP and agree on SORRY beeing a little weak/useless the way it is right now. Why kill of Wedge for a card draw espewhen he has the strongest attacks and fuels Ackbars attacks to beeing useful. Maybe this last card needs to be something completely else?

        • roman says:

          SORRY is an admittedly weak card and poor fit in a deck where Wedge has such a key role, but “Sorry!” is an iconic line among my playing group so I feel like I have to include it. Maybe I’ll even do 2 versions of the deck, one with an actual useful card.

          Btw, I’m not seeing any problems with the .PDF so I’m not sure what you mean.

  2. umon says:

    even if you want to keep the name of the card, you could still change the card. Was thinking about what would make sense. Of course drawing is somehow missing from the deck, escpecially if SORRY is changed but I thought about a combo with MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US. Maybe changing SORRY into a big attack that does not count as an action when played after MTFBWU or something similar. So he could make use of the opponent having to drop all basics before his attack. Just an idea…

    • roman says:

      I like the idea of Wedge’s 3rd card being something that combines off of MTFBWU, could be something like “A8, any defense value is doubled” (a Tarkin card) since MTFBWU will generally strip an opponent of all defense. I’ll think about it.

    • umondy says:

      Sorry for not responding earlier. Somehow forgot about it. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the dekc looked like before. What are the changes?

      In general I like the effect you gave COPY GOLD LEADER but it does not counter MTFBWU in any way. If you play those two cards as a combo the defender has no basic defense anyway. So what good is doubling any defense? The only effect it will have is thar you will only play this card in that combo or if you know the defender has no defense at all.

      SORRY is still a useless card I just would never play unless Wedge maybe has 1 health left but this coincidence would not happen too often. You just loose too much by giving up on Wedge.

      • roman says:

        I don’t really remember the changes. MTFBWU combos with COPY GOLD LEADER but it’s only once in a great while that you’d pull that off, with only 2 in the deck and requiring both characters to be alive.

        • umondy says:

          True true. Like I said before I really like the deck and will try it out. 🙂
          Only one more thing, Don’t you think 2x PREPARE RETREAT instead of SORRY would be more useful?

          • roman says:

            I think I dropped a 2nd PREPARE RETREAT in the last version. I agree with your suggestion, and want to make SORRY an optional 32nd card, almost like a promo card, that you can replace one of the other cards in the deck with. My friends and I would have a ton of fun with SORRY but it’s not very practical.

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