Sly Moore

Minor(s): 2 Senate Guards

Sly Moore by Sultan, tweaks by Roman

This is basically Sultan’s Sly Moore deck, which was very similar to Aaron Shockley’s Sly Moore deck.  The modifications I’ve made, make it work a little better, in my opinion, worthy of making the .PDF available. I added this page in 2016 but the deck has been around in print since 2011 or so.

I think the deck is fun but essentially, DOMINATION is what makes the deck what it is, and it’s a NPE (Negative Play Experience) for some.  The card allows you to control a character for an action, a very good way to represent Sly Moore in Epic Duels terms, but also the reason we don’t play this deck more than once every few years. Anyways, go ahead and try it out if you want to and let us know what your experience is.






  1. umondy says:

    Thanks for the update. Interesting you don’t like the deck just because of one card that is quite powerful but nothing too special compared to whats around in the ED universe. Especially considering how weak her own cards are. She has 3 attacks with no value and they only serve the purpose of pulling cards.
    Even domination is completely useless if you don’t play a 2v2 match or if there is only the major opponent left or if the opponent only has generic minors.
    So you can’t cause any damage with A0, DOMINATION may be completely useless, and you are left with 3xA6 and 2xA5 without any special special abilities. ASSASSINATION is quite nice but again no help against other majors and a big waste if facing somebody with generic minors.
    For me those are more the reasons the deck never gets played not because of NPE because of one card that isn’t even thatr bad.

    • roman says:

      I like the deck just fine but my group doesn’t. It’s because they find DOMINATION to be a NPE, not because they necessarily find the deck to be overpowered. They just don’t like seeing Sly take over Mace and make him WHIRLWIND his friends. It’s a personal feeling sort of thing. Some players, like Mike Maloney and his group, find Palpatine’s YOU WILL DIE to be a NPE, but it has never bothered our group.

      As for power level, I think Sly looks fairly strong but I haven’t played her enough to know. As you point out, her offense is fairly weak, but if she can use ASSASSINATION to wipe out opposing minors and her A0 to draw out defense, she’s got more than enough with her strong minors contributing to her A6s and A5s.

      Despite her 14 HP, she’s also got very good staying power. I increasingly think that characters should not have both power defense and strong minors, but that’s exactly what she has, so she’s tough to bring down. Add in an ability to reshuffle her best cards back into her deck and she looks pretty strong to me.

      But don’t take my word for it, play her and let me know how she does!

      • JAG18 says:

        One of my favorite theme duels to play is this deck with Darth Sidious against Mace (tweaked) and Saesee Tinn so I actually have a good amount of experience with this deck and I agree with what Roman says. Especially on Sly’s (pretty solid) staying power.

        I personally have mixed feelings about DOMINATION, mostly because it took me more reads than normal to figure out how it works and just ’cause it’s a bit outside the normal dueling experience.

  2. umondy says:

    Ha you at the very least inspired me to play her again next time. Still think she is way better in 2v2 but it is okay that she is not super strong. That fits her character. My group definately is not as concerned about NPE cards like yours. Sure it blows to eat one of those cards sometimes but thats the name of the game. Everybody knows tha Palpi has this card f.e. and you adjust your game to it. I think we love the challange as long as the deck is not way overpowered or unfair.
    Again for DOMINATION to really cause game chanving havoc a lot of chips have to fall the right way.
    I will let you know how our next game goes with her.

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