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Moff Gideon

Minor(s): 3 Imperial Troops

Moff Gideon
14 HP

3x Imperial Troopers
1 HP each

Move: 2

Special ability: ???

Moff Gideon – 14 Cards

A3*. *Add 1 to the attack value for each Imperial Trooper in the same attack zone as, or adjacent to, Moff Gideon.

A3*.  *If you won the combat, do 2 additional damage.

A6.  You may only play this card against adjacent enemies.

D*.  You may only play this card if you have at least one Imperial Trooper on the board. Moff Gideon takes no damage from the attack and is not subject to any additional effects. Remove an Imperial Trooper.

Move Gideon up to 4 spaces. You may move each Imperial Trooper adjacent to Gideon. Draw 2 cards.

Return up to 2 defeated Imperial Troops in any spaces in Moff Gideon’s zone.

Troops – 4 Cards

Each Death Trooper does 2 damage to one character it can attack. You may move each affected enemy up to 3 spaces.

1x E-WEB
A8. *Play this card face up in front of you without attacking as one action, but you must have at least 2 Imperial Troopers on the board. . On any turn after this one, you may use an action to attack with this card.



  1. Matt W says:

    Hey Roman – I saw your reply on BGG and have the deck some more thought. I’m good with removing the action manipulation effect from Gideon’s special ability, but I want the ability to have some element of 1) sacrificing his own men to achieve his ends, and 2) having more information about his opponent than the typical foe. Here are some ideas for revised language that still works with the updates deck I proposed: “At the start of your turn, you may remove 1 Death Trooper from the board. If you do…
    Option 1: All of Moff Gideon’s attacks are +1 value this turn.
    Option 2: Moff Gideon’s next attack is +2 value this turn.
    Option 3: Choose an opponent. You may look at that opponent’s hand and the top card of that opponent’s deck.
    Option 4: Moff Gideon recovers 2 health.

    • Matt W says:

      I actually just thought of another option for this that does a better job of reinforcing the theme of Gideon is former ISB and knows everything about his enemies: “At the start of your turn, you may remove 1 Death Trooper from the board. If you do, any opponent Moff Gideon attacks this turn must play their defense cards face up before you reveal your attack cards.”

      • roman says:

        Maybe I’m missing something but what do you gain if you see the defense card face up? It’s an interesting idea though.

        • Matt W says:

          To clarify – Gideon removed a Death Trooper at the start of his turn to activate his special ability. He then announces he is attacking Bruce Lee. Because of the special ability, Bruce has to choose and play his defense face up; Gideon can see what he picked and play his attack card accordingly. The combo of seeing what defense card they placed before you pick your attack card is a massive advantage in lots of situations. If he can attack with either IMPERIAL MIGHT or DARKSABER, he can wait to see the opponent’s defense and react accordingly. For example, if the defender plays FEINT, Gideon would know to play DARKSABER. If the defender chooses not to defend, Gideon can throw down a normally useless REGROUP for guaranteed damage and 2 drawn cards. I do think it’s very powerful, but I don’t think he’d use it more than 2-3 times per game max because of how much he needs his support troops to pull off IMPERIAL MIGHT and deal big damage with BURN THEM OUT and the E-WEB.

  2. Matt W says:

    The revised special ability language would be: “At the start of your turn, you may remove 1 Death Trooper from the board. If you do, any opponent Moff Gideon attacks this turn must play their defense cards (if any) face up before you choose and reveal your attack cards.”

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