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General Kenobi

Minor(s): Clone Troopers

Notes:  This is very much WIP, intentionally so you can see the process of how it comes together.  Everything is rough right now, I’m just putting down card ideas and will adjust them later.  This is a pretty basic, pretty blah deck right now but the Unmatched structure of 18 special cards gives plenty of room to spice it up.

Sidekicks: General Kenobi’s 2 Clone Troopers have 1 hit each.
Movement: 3
Special Ability: When General Kenobi defends, you may BOOST that defense. Play the BOOST card, face down, along with your defense card. If your opponent cancels the effects on your defense card, the BOOST is discarded without effect.

A5. AFTER COMBAT: Move General Kenobi up to 5 spaces.

A6.  AFTER COMBAT: Draw a card.

A4D4.  AFTER COMBAT: Move both fighters up to 4 spaces each.

D6.  AFTER COMBAT: Draw a card.

Draw a card. Move General Kenobi up to 8 spaces.

You and an opponent both reveal your hands. You may choose 2 cards for your opponent to discard. Your opponent may choose one of your cards to discard.

Move General Kenobi to any space. Then, General Kenobi does 3 damage to all characters he can attack.

D0.  DURING COMBAT: General Kenobi takes no damage from the attack.
AFTER COMBAT: If General Kenobi can be in a different zone than the attacker, the attacker takes damage equal to the attack value of the attack card played.

Take any card from your discard pile and place it in your hand.

Basic cards:  I’ll go with the Arthur deck for now, but I’m replacing SKIRMISH with LEAP AWAY.

A/A 2. IMMEDIATELY: Cancel all effects on your opponent’s card.

A/A 1. AFTER COMBAT: Draw 1 card. If you won the combat, draw 2 cards instead.

A/A 4. AFTER COMBAT: If you won the combat, choose one of the fighters in the combat and move them up to 4 spaces.

A/A 3. DURING COMBAT: If your fighter started this turn in a different space, this card’s value is 5 instead.



  1. Darth Wolverine says:

    Given the way the boards work, it could be a highly situational card that works when he is on a space that can attack at range but not melee, but that might not work as well.

    Are we trying to recreate the feel of the original Obi-Wan Kenobi deck or do something entirely new?

    • roman says:

      I think for this first go, I’m just going to take ideas from the original Obi-Wan deck, plus our Obi-Wan & Anakin deck, and fuse something together. I’m not certain I want so much hit-and-run though, I feel like that fits other characters better than Obi, who is best known for defense.

      • Darth Wolverine says:

        I think that’s a good fit. Perhaps we could start with something basic but definitely useful: Obi-Wan may BOOST his defense. This could make him stand out among the existing decks, which as you pointed out, have no way not to take damage from A6s. It’d be relatively simple to lay out the deck in a way where that isn’t too broken, and I think Defense as his static ability sums up Obi-Wan well.

        • roman says:

          That’s an interesting mechanic and one that fits Obi well, but idk… there aren’t that many times you’d really benefit from a defense BOOST. It’s ok if his special ability is nothing great, we just make the cards better.

          • Darth Wolverine says:

            I think you may be underselling. The ability to boost every defend even 1 or 2 in this game feels like it could potentially be gamechanging. When you can routinely block out A4s and A5s…

  2. Separatist18 says:

    Not sure which of these are questions about the deck, vs how much is just about this game in general. full disclosure, I haven’t played this yet, but just looking at the thing, I’m wondering how much my intuitions match with your experience given that you have played the game.

    1: How many hit points are you intending General Kenobi and Dark Anakin to have?

    2: When I looked at the game, I noticed that “team minor” sets have either three or four minors at 1 HP each. You seem to have taken the concept of single hit point minors, but only two of them. Just wondering, why did you make that call? Like why not 3 or 4 clone troopers?

    3: Do you intend to use the “1 HP for generic minors” for ALL generic minor types? Like will the SBDs and Royal Guards also get only one hit point? Generic jedi minors, if you even use those?

    4: This is more of a question about the game in general, than about your set, but do the characters all share a basic set? And how does that work mechanically? (It seems problematic that a blaster armed clone would have the same amount of basic attack and defense power as General Kenobi or Dark Anakin with his lightsaber, unless I’m misunderstanding how this game works.)

    5: Related, how hard is it to kill people in this game? Coming from an Epic Duels background, virtually every deck has a lot more offense than defense, in its basic deck (the Blue Deck is 32 points of offense, 24 points of defense, the Red Deck is 38/18, and the Green Deck is only marginally more defense than offense at 28/31, and we all know that its hard to kill a Green Deck with power defense.) Do you find that with the equal offensive and defensive capabilities in the basic deck that its really hard for anything to get killed? And mechanically does it make sense for clone troopers to have 4 defends?

    There are a lot of intriguing things about this game, but I wonder how fused basic decks would actually work out. How does it work in your experience?

    • roman says:

      Good questions!

      1. Probably 18 HP each to start, then I’ll adjust based on how they perform.

      2. Probably needs to be 3 Clones each, but I’m going to start with 2 and see how they do. They will have only 1 hit each. Also, they should have an allocation of special cards but so far, they don’t. I don’t really want to see Obi-Wan vs. Anakin come down to a “Clone Tactics” card or something like that, but I may have to relent on that point and include sidekick special cards the way all the original Unmatched decks have.

      3. Yes, I would use 1 hit for all generic minors, at least for now. If you want to make Super Battle Droids better than Battle Droids, do it by giving them better cards.

      4. The basic cards are covered in this page:

      5. I find that it’s harder, and takes longer, to kill off a major character in Unmatched than it does in Epic Duels. The attack cards in Unmatched have lower values (nothing higher than A6 so far) and defense is more prevalent. Also, you tend to use one action to move so you’re typically only using one action to attack, unlike Epic Duels where you get a “free move” and then use 2 actions to attack. So a typical turn might be an A5 vs. a D2 for 3 damage — and that’s it. In Epic Duels, by contrast, Dooku might step up and do 10-12 damage in a single turn.

      As for my experience, I have yet to try these or any fan-made decks, so it’s hard to say, but you can count on me to let you know how it goes.

  3. Separatist18 says:

    Alrighty, so again I haven’t actually played this, but I’m thinking the defense in this deck is excessive. Mind, I agree Obi Wan should be defensive, but this seems like a LOT. You’ve got x3 D4’s, which you’ve said is the highest defense card in the original game, x3 D6, and a D-All. I realize the D4’s are also A4’s, but that still seems like a lot.

    I also think you used a lot of the same mechanics that are used in the Epic Duels Kenobi deck. But I also think there’s some room to explore some things that are new. And also the clones need to have talent cards to fit the basic structure of the original game.

    And just a *bit* less defense.

    Basically I’m throwing this deck together for fun, with no real experience, but maybe there will be some ideas in it that you’ll like.

    General Kenobi with 3 Clone Troopers (3 fits the context of the game better)

    Same Basic Deck you used, same special ability.

    But for the Talent Cards…

    x4 Jedi Attack- A5 After resolving the attack, Kenobi can immediately take a free maneuver action. BOOST: 2

    x4 Soresu Defense- D2 You may Boost this defense twice BOOST: 2

    x3 Jedi Quickness- Until the end of this turn, increase your Move rating by 1. Draw a Card. Playing this card does not count as an action. BOOST: 2

    x2 Do What I Must- A4 If Obi Wan has already damaged the target on this turn the attack value is 7. BOOST: 3

    D0. DURING COMBAT: General Kenobi takes no damage from the attack.
    AFTER COMBAT: If General Kenobi can be in a different zone than the attacker, the attacker takes damage equal to the attack value of the attack card played. (Note this card is the same as your original design.
    Does this card not get a boost value? You didn’t include one.)

    x1 Bold Move- Move General Kenobi adjacent to any enemy character. Draw 3 Cards. BOOST: 3

    x1 The Negotiator- Draw up to 5 cards. Choose an opponent. That opponent may draw up to 2 cards. BOOST: 3

    Clone Special Cards

    x2 Blind Obedience- A2 Draw a Card

    So in this design i more explicitly built Obi Wan’s excellent defense around his boosting mechanic by making the base defense value a little lower, but giving him the opportunity to compound boosting, which would need draw power to support since I know in this game the maximum cards in ones hand is 7.

    The clones get the lame 2 copies of A2 just so they can be explicitly weaker than stronger one hit minors, since all the basic cards are the same. That’s really weird but OK.

    • roman says:

      I like these ideas a lot! Especially throwing in something for the Clones — it would be weird without that.

      The one card I’d probably not go with is your version of SORESU DEFENSE. A D2 isn’t a good card, even with the BOOST mechanic. I don’t even think this is a good special ability for him, but we’ll try it because it suits him. Defense is purely a reactive ability, and if you “overdo” it, you just lose cards and gain nothing in return. Arthur’s ability, by contrast, gives him a path to win the game, so a charged up A2 is a dangerous card.

      • Separatist18 says:

        Yeah as I said I haven’t actually played the game yet and was just throwing ideas together. Go with whatever makes sense.

  4. Separatist18 says:

    One other idea I want to float is maybe not using weak minors at all. Like perhaps using Elite Clones or generic Jedi or something instead of regular clones. Admittedly this is more of an aesthetic critique than a real mechanical one, but aesthetically the idea of battle droids and clone troopers having the same basic set as a jedi is kind of bizarre. Whereas with elite minors it would maybe make more sense. But maybe you think that’s outweighed by the single hit point and the lack of (or weak) talent cards. Just a thought.

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