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Dark Anakin

Minor(s): 2 Clone Troopers

Notes:  This is very much WIP, intentionally so you can see the process of how it comes together.  Everything is rough right now, I’m just putting down card ideas and will adjust them later.  This is a very aggressive deck, perhaps too tough but having to discard your own cards is a serious detriment.  There are some different directions I could take it in depending upon what people are liking.

Sidekicks: Dark Anakin’s 2 Clone Troopers have 1 hit each.
Movement: 3
Special Ability: When Dark Anakin starts his turn, all characters he can attack take 1 damage.

A7. AFTER COMBAT: Choose and discard a card.

Move Anakin up to 5 spaces.  After playing this card, if you have no cards in your hand, draw 5 cards.

Move Anakin up to 3 spaces.  Gain 1 action.

A1.  DURING COMBAT: Add 1 to the attack value for each space Anakin has moved with cards this turn.

Get it?

Choose any sidekick in Anakin’s zone to take 3 damage.

D4.  AFTER COMBAT: Attacker takes 1 damage.

A9.  AFTER COMBAT: Discard your entire hand.

Basic cards:  Anakin will use the Arthur basic deck but replace SKIRMISH with LEAP AWAY.



  1. A. Square says:

    For the “after combat: discard” cards, if the defender played a “cancel all effects” card like Feint, would that mean Anakin doesn’t have to discard? That would be pretty brutal!

  2. Separatist18 says:

    One thing that I think is really bizarre in your current version is that you can use Calm to power up Sith Rage which seems wrong. Everything else makes sense more or less, but this seems like a big problem. In your current version you can use all three What Must Be Done and then a Calm to power up Sith Rage to an A15. Now I’m less bothered by the fact that its a 15, as it might at least be hard to do, and I’m even more worried by the fact that mechanically that whole combo doesn’t make aesthetic sense.

    So once again I’m throwing ideas out there.

    Anakin and 3 Clone Troopers (again, 3 works better.)

    I’ll go with the same deck you did for now, though I’m curious about the possibility of adding an attack point and subtracting a defense point for aggressive characters, so Leap Away could be a 5/3 with the same effect while Feint would be a 3/1, etc. Something to think about anyways.

    x4 Anger- A7 Choose and discard a card, if you can’t, you can’t play this card (or maybe you can, but this should probably be specified anyways.)

    x4 Calm- Move Anakin up to 5 spaces. then draw or discard until you have 4 cards in your hand.

    x3 Sith Fury- A2 If the attack is completely blocked, it does not count as an action.

    x2 What Must Be Done- Move Anakin adjacent to any enemy character without using an action.

    x2 Force Choke- Choose an enemy sidekick in Anakin’s zone to receive 3 damage. If there are no enemy sidekicks remaining, choose an enemy hero in Anakin’s zone to receive 1 damage.

    x1 You Will Try- D2 After receiving the attackers’ damage, if Anakin is still alive, Anakin does an equal amount of damage to the attacker.

    x1 You Underestimate My Power- A9 If the defender is still alive, Anakin cannot play defense cards during the next turn.

    Clone Special Cards

    x2 Blind Obedience- A2 Draw a Card

    I don’t know if this deck is actually better than the other one, but anyways throwing ideas around. I think your current version is a bit defensively strong given Anakin’s proximity as a defensive character, but I also wonder if there can be an equivalent to the “Red” Basic deck as compared to Arthur’s “Blue”

    • roman says:

      Some good ideas. I like the “charging attack” dynamic that I use for Eomer and Enfys Nest, but I’m not sure how well it fits Anakin.

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