Scythe is a very popular game with the 1670 group, and the original Geektopia gropu has also played it.  The reason I haven’t written a full review on it is because I’m personally not into it, and enough has already been written.  It’s a very good game with sound mechanics and great components, but it’s not a game where theme and mechanics work together, in my opinion.  It’s more like where there’s a set of mechanics demanding a theme, so they just sort of threw a steampunk theme at it (which fits well enough) and packaged it that way.  It works out ok, but it’s not great for what I like in a game. Contrast with Tzolk’in, where the mechanics and theme blend together perfectly, or even Scoville, where the mechanics are simple and serve the theme.  Other than that, in addition to it’s great components, it has a lot of strategic complexity and an outstanding combat system that’s sort of a high-low game theory, so I can see why people like it.  But with so many games and so little time, I lean towards ones with more do-something ability, where I feel I’ve accomplished something tangible by the end, like exploring new frontiers or at least slaying monsters.  Here I just build a mech and move it around, maybe win a fight where I push my opponent back.  Just not enough doing something for me.

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