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Red Alert

Red Alert
16 HP

17 basics

4x 4/2
1x 3/3
1x 1/4
2x 2/4
1x 1/5
3x 3/1
1x 2/2
2x 1/2
2x 2/1

14 specials

6x Longarm – Stun Discs

Draw a card, then choose an opponent to discard one of his/her cards.

3x Mecha Surge! Evac
Choose any character in play, including Red Alert. That character recovers up to 3 damage and may move up to 6 spaces.

3x Regroup
D10, after playing this card, you may discard your entire hand and draw 4 new cards.

1x Power Block
D5, after defending, you may choose an opponent to discard his/her entire hand and draw 3 new cards.

1x Sacrifice
A7, after attacking, instead of placing Sacrifice into your discard pile, you may place 2 cards from your hand into your discard pile.

Despite his low HP, Red Alert is actually a great deck, a great teammate.  He’s surprisingly really fun and you might recognize cards of his in Star Wars decks I’ve created, namely Shaak Ti and Jyn Erso.  Red Alert has great defense and healing, but the key to his game is SACRIFICE.  Using it over and over again, an A7 is very powerful.


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