Megatron – Geektopia Games


23 HP
17 basics

2x 5/1
3x 4/2
1x 4/1
2x 3/2
1x 2/3
2x 1/4
2x 3/1
1x 2/1
3x 1/2

15 talent cards

3x Mecha Surge! TankTime
A4*. *If Megatron is next to the defending character, the attack value is 10 instead of 4.

2x Deceptiblock
D10. After defending, you may discard a card to draw a card.

1x Megatron Blast
Choose any opponent’s character next to Megatron. That character receives 10 damage. You must discard 9 cards to play this card.

4x Leader-1 Power
A2. Draw 2 cards after attacking.

3x Leader-1 Swipe
Choose an opponent to randomly discard 2 cards.

2x Leader-1 Sniper
Choose an opponent’s character. That character receives 1 damage. Draw a card.

The Obi-Wan of this group.  Strong, balanced, the game’s best. He has a bunch of different ways he can beat you.  I wish they’d given some of those to other characters in the set.

As spectacular as “Megatron Blast” looks, I’ve never seen it actually used, despite having it in my hand several times.

I based the Orson Krennic deck upon the Megatron Blast idea.


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