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Hot Shot

Hot Shot
18 HP

17 basics
2x 5/1
2x 4/2
1x 4/1
3x 3/2
1x 3/3
1x 2/3
1x 1/4
3x 2/1
3x 1/2

14 specials

7x Quick Shot
A2*. Show your hand to all players. Add 2 to the attack value for every other Quick Shot card in your hand.

3x Disruption
D10. Attacking opponent cannot attack you again this turn.

1x Mecha Surge! Driveby
You may move up to 8 spaces. You may then discard any number of cards to draw the same number of new cards.

“Today’s forecast: Dark and stormy, with chance of driveby.”

2x Jolt – Flight
You may move Hot Shot to any empty space. Draw 2 cards. You may then shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile.

1x Jolt – Retrieve
Take any 1 card from you discard pile and put that card in your hand.

Some interesting ideas for Hot Shot but I’ve never really seen him have an effective game.  His cards look like he can have one.  I tried a 4x A4 version of QUICK SHOT in SWED but it didn’t work at all.  One of many failed ideas for our Kit Fisto deck.



  1. JAG18 says:

    A little out of the blue, but what do you think about this tweak?


    3x DEADLY AIM: A4: Draw 2 cards.

    Tweak 4x QUICK SHOT: A5: [same effect]

    That way Hot Shot has a reliable “bread-and-butter offense card” that helps him draw into his QUICK SHOTS, which now has a higher base value allowing him to get off big attacks at a more consistent rate. I’ve tried these tweaks a bit and they seem to make him stronger overall although still a bit weak compared to the other “tier 2” decks (Red Alert, Demolisher, and Cyclonius).

    • roman says:

      So you would have 4x QUICK SHOT? A5*. Show your hand to all players. Add 2 to the attack value for every other Quick Shot card in your hand.

      We tried a version of this in an old Fisto deck and it was pretty weak but that’s ok as long as he has other things to hit with, like your DEADLY AIM card. Your overall version looks fun.

      • JAG18 says:

        Yeah, that’s it; same effect just a higher value. I actually tried to make my Qi’ra a SWED version of Hot Shot and I think it turned out fine.

        One thing I’m mulling over is whether to keep the name DEADLY AIM or change it to something else. Right now it’s just a reference to the Boba deck, but I’m thinking I could change it to CHARGED SHOT and that way it would poke fun at the fact that the card called QUICK SHOT is the one you need to “charge up” by having up several copies of it in your hand. But, I don’t know.

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