Demolishor – Geektopia Games


18 HP

18 basics

2x 5/1
2x 4/2
1x 4/1
1x 3/3
2x 1/4
1x 2/4
1x 3/1
4x 2/1
4x 1/2

14 specials

3x Mecha Surge! Precision
A2*. *If Demolishor is next to the attacked character, attack value is 6.

4x Recoil
D*. Demolishor receives no damage from the attack. Instead, the attacker receives 1 damage.

3x Missile Barrage
Choose any character. Roll the Movement die. The character takes damage equal to the die number. If an ALL # is rolled, all characters except Demolishor receive damage.

1x Reload
D5. Take all Missile Barrage cards from your discard pile and place them in your hand.

3x Blackout – Espionage
Look at the top 3 cards of an opponent’s deck. Discard one card and put the remaining cards back in the corresponding pile in any order.

Demolishor is a very clever deck and perhaps the most interesting in the set.  RECOIL gives him solid defense, but his game is all about MISSILE BARRAGE + RELOAD. He’s a “loose cannon” that can wipe the whole board clean but be the last one standing.  He pairs well with Megatron, who’s HP can withstand the missile barrages better than anyone.

I’ve always wanted a SWED version of Demolishor but no character has really been a fit.



    • roman says:

      I dunno. Is Durge a loose cannon? Although I resisted the idea at first, I came around to believing Beckett is a good fit, and I put some of these mechanisms in his deck.

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