Cyclonus – Geektopia Games


19 HP

17 basics

1x 4/1
3x 3/2
4x 1/4
3x 2/4
4x 3/1
2x 2/2

13 specials

3x Fire From Above
A4. After attacking, Cyclonus may move to any empty space.

3x Mecha Surge! Chopper
A2*. If Cyclonus is next to the attacked character, the attack value is 6 instead of 2.

2x Ambush
A4*. *If Cyclonus does damage with this card, that opponent cannot defend against attacks this turn.

1x Blind Rage
A5. After attacking, all character except Cyclonus receive 2 damage.

1x Windblast
A3*. *If this card is not blocked, the attacked character receives 10 damage.

3x Crumplezone – Dual Fire
A*. In place of this card, play any attack card from you discard pile immediately as your attack card.

Not a lot exciting here, but Cyclonus is effective and balanced at least.  I would have done more around BLIND RAGE, a card I incorporated into Bossk.


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