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Supreme Leader Snoke

Minor(s): 2 Praetorian Guard

Thanks to Separatist, I think this deck is starting to come together.  Snoke is sort of forced into being an Emperor-like deck, in my opinion, and I’ve represented him here as such.

What does this deck do:  Keeps opposing hands from getting too big, punishes opposing hands that get too small.  Disrupts the placement and movement of foes.

Supreme Leader Snoke
by Roman F

Supreme Leader Snoke
16 HP
Green Deck

2x Praetorian Guards
5 HP Each
Minor Blue Deck

Snoke – 12 Talent Cards

3x Force Throw
Move any character up to 3 spaces. That character takes 2 damage.  Draw a card.

3x Delusions of Grandeur
Choose an opponent. If you have more cards in your hand than s/he does after playing this card, choose one of their characters to receive damage equal to the difference.

2x Drain Power
Choose any player.  That player must discard until he or she has only 5 cards.

2x Mind Strip
Choose an opponent and look at his/her hand, but he or she can hide one card.  Choose two cards you can see for him/her to discard.

2x Immobilize
Choose any character.  That character cannot move or attack on his/her next turn.  Draw a card.

Figures:  I would probably try to make the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine figure work. You could use the one on the throne but that would take up too much space in my box. Royal Guards make obvious Praetorian Guards.

Notes: Snoke looks scary but he’s really not that effective. He’s going to struggle to do more than 2-3 damage with DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR and has no easy way to kill minors without help from his guards.

I just tweaked FORCE THROW from “opponent chooses and discards” to “draw a card” to more demonstrate how easily Snoke is able to do it, and I think it’s a slightly weaker version of the card.  I upped the power of MIND STRIP to make him more dangerous, he’s otherwise pretty bad.  I guess I could also pump up IMMOBILIZE but it works pretty well for what he tries to do.

Vassal X-Y:  1100, 2400, in a spot previously held by the Dark Troopers, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.





  1. Separatist 18 says:

    I think the current minor deck you have is something like the old minor melee deck IIRC, its not minor blue. The 3/2 should be a 4/1 if minor blue is what you want.

    • roman says:

      Nice catch. That’s actually the assume “Melee Minor” deck in Deck Designer, I do believe that’s an old version of the Melee Minor before Minor Blue basically became the standard. I’ll fix that up in the next draft, as I’m sure this version isn’t final.

  2. Freaky Mutant Man says:


    Little nitpick in the page description; he is shown using Lightning in his first scene in TLJ, when Kylo gets pissed off and tries to draw his saber. Snoke even bounces the lightning off the ground rather than directly aiming at Kylo. Not saying he needs a lightning card in his deck, just wanted to point out that he does use it.

    • roman says:

      Hey good point, I forgot about that moment. Nonetheless, we have lightning in the Palpatine, Sidious and Dooku decks, and I think we need something more original for this deck. Any ideas? I was going to base it off the Saruman deck but ended up going in a different direction with it.

  3. Separatist 18 says:

    Do you have any opinions one way or the other on the idea of giving the Praetorian Guards talent cards? I know generic minors don’t ordinarily get talent cards, but these guys honestly do more actual dueling in the films than Snoke does and honestly hold their own (though they ultimately do not make it) against two major characters (Rey and Kylo Ren.)

    If you were to give them some power combats, it would allow you to avoid the Emperor-like all specials deck if you wanted to avoid that without giving Snoke attack cards of his own (a choice I’d agree with.) It would also give you a different sort of administrator type deck.

    • roman says:

      I think Snoke looks strong enough to do most of the dueling on his own. Whatever his minors are, I wouldn’t want them to have any talent cards, but I’ll consider your idea if nothing else comes together for him.

      Reads like you’d play a 3-Praetorian Guard deck.

    • roman says:

      Yeah, we have the Imperial Officer and 4 Storm Troopers deck, have you played it? It’s a laugh, but we only play it once in a while. 5 shooters barely works, I think 5 melee types would be extremely clunky, and would be a better fit for weaker characters than the PGs.

      • JAG18 says:

        Yeah, I’ve played the Imperial Officer deck. A lot actually, although not recently. I remember seeing someone on the forums suggesting a 5 character Nazgul deck to go along with The Witch King (and 2 Nazgul) and Khamul and that way get all The Nine in the set.
        The one good thing about a 4 PG deck is that apparently the eight guards are divided into pairs who each use the same weapon. Having 4 allows you to have all the weapons represented, although I’m not sure if you could build a deck around that concept.

        • roman says:

          A 4-character melee deck might work. The Uruk-hai Army deck is an example, and it works ok.

          Why don’t you give that one a try? I and others will help you figure it out. Use the basic deck from the Nazgul deck. 7 HP each. Give them 3x offense, 3x movement and 2x defense, all of which power up if the guard is next to his “pair”. 1-2 big attacks (at least A6) that they can use even if all the others are killed off. Perhaps healing or even bringing a dead one back.

          We could discuss further at the wiki, or here.

  4. Separatist 18 says:

    One thing I just noticed looking through this deck again, he does have 15 DD.

    I dunno if that’s too much (Vader only has 14.) But if that is too much, you could turn Force Throw into a type of unlimited range force push (Move any character to any open space. That character receives 1 damage.) That choice would reduce the DD to 12. I dunno if that would be necessary, but just a thought if 15 was deemed too much.

  5. Separatist 18 says:

    Actually I have a better idea, though I don’t know what you’d call it, and it might require rebuilding the deck to a certain extent. A card that does 1 damage to someone for each card more than them you have could work well with Mind-Strip, and I think someone on the forums used that idea before (I think Hags888 used it for a firefly deck.)

  6. Separatist 18 says:

    If it proves to still be too weak, you could add a Gain Power type card instead of immobilize, but if the power is where you want it, this deck at least looks like fun to play.

    • roman says:

      It fits his character and it fits the theme of the deck and it’s intentionally weaker than INSIGHT so I don’t think it’s a problem, but I’m open to other ideas.

  7. Separatist 18 says:

    I think something like the opponent must choose and discard 3 would actually be stronger in this deck, but that also doesn’t fit the ability very well. Maybe “Choose an opponent, and look at that opponents hand. Choose 3 cards for them to discard, but they can choose 2 of those 3 to put back into their hand at the end of your turn.”

    But then, I realize I’m sort of thinking about ways to make the combo work as well as possible, and there’s such a thing as working too well.

    • roman says:

      I upped it to choosing 2 cards, then tweaked FORCE THROW, so he’s overall a little stronger now. I really don’t think he’s Tier 1 though. He’s just not that dangerous nor that hard to kill.

  8. roman says:

    This version and Kylo Ren, another forced discarding deck, wreaked havoc on Luke Grand Master and Jyn Erso. Jyn had a bad game, not getting much of anything going, but Snoke’s revised MIND STRIP makes him pretty nasty. Once Rey was gone, Snoke was able to apply some DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR pressure on Luke. I think this is probably a good place for Snoke to settle into, but I’ll certainly accept any feedback.

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