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Minor(s): 2 Jedi Guardians

One of many decks spawned by the Star Wars Minis Clone Strike set, and we like this one quite a bit.  It does play a bit strong, a Tier 2A deck, probably on the same overall level as Maul.

Shaak Ti, Jedi Guardian
by Roman F & Geektopia, SACRIFICE from Craig Van Ness’ Red Alert deck

Shaak Ti
16 HP
22 cards
Blue Deck

2 Jedi Guardians
5 HP Each
9 cards
Minor Blue Deck

Shaak Ti – 12 Talent Cards

A5. Shaak Ti does 2 damage to all adjacent opponents besides the target.

Move Shaak-Ti up to 5 spaces. You may move her over opponents and obstacles.

D5. Attacker must choose and discard a card.

Look at an opponent’s hand. Choose the opponent’s highest attack card to discard.

A7. Instead of placing Sacrifice in the discard pile, you may choose and discard 3 cards and return Sacrifice to your hand.

D*. Shaak Ti takes full damage from the attack. After combat is resolved, Shaak Ti recovers 3 hit points, even if she would otherwise not survive.

Themes: Crowd fighting, sacrifice and resolve
Path to Victory: Multiple SACRIFICE
Strengths: A very capable tank with great staying power plus crowd fighting ability
Test Level: High
Tier: 2A

What does this deck do:  Tanks.  Fights crowds.  Takes away opponent’s best attack card.

Inspiration: Mostly Clone Wars Season 3.  It just seemed like there had to be a good deck out there for her. She really clicked when we used the SACRIFICE idea from the Transformers’ Red Alert deck.

Playing Shaak Ti:  Shaak Ti is strong enough defensively to leap into battle and live through it, has nice movement and a solid finishing card in SACRIFICE. Use CROWD FIGHTING to thin out the opposing minors. Try to get something of your Jedi Guardians as Shaak Ti doesn’t have much attack power. Save SACRIFICE, it’s your only big attack, and stockpile enough to use it at least twice. If your minors are destroyed, try to use it 3 times.

Playing against Shaak Ti:  Beware PEACEMAKER, and play your big attacks when you get them. Her movement card means she can always get next to you, so remember that you’re not safe while she’s alive. She’s not very dangerous offensively, so go after her ally instead of her. Once she’s on her own, she’ll have a hard time beating you.

Notes (updated 3/8/19)

I’ve come to thinking that the combination of 2 power defense and 2 strong minors is really strong.  With 20/20 hindsight I don’t know that I’d make Shaak Ti so strong, but we like the deck the way it is.  I feel the same way about Plo Koon and his ARC Troopers, but I don’t think Ki-Adi-Mundi’s deck, which interacts heavily with them, is as strong as those 2 — but even if it was, I think that fits Ki-Adi-Mundi pretty well, whereas I don’t think Plo Koon and Shaak Ti on that level, even if both are excellent Jedi.





  1. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    You may want to re-export Shaak Ti’s PDF. The text is fairly difficult to read as it is now. For my purposes, since I play using Tabletop Simulator (which requires you to put all the cards into one image file via a special program), I think image compression would end up rendering the cards even harder to read. I could rectify this by recreating the deck myself in Deck Designer, but not everyone would be willing to do that for just one deck.

    (Also, I promise I will get back to you about the Hobbit decks!)nn1

    • roman says:

      (2 years later) I don’t know what happened there but I re-exported and re-uploaded the .PDF and I think the issue has been resolved.

    • roman says:

      Thanks! Kind of like with Plo Koon, she’s a stronger deck, which is part of what makes her fun. This particular strong deck has some great tricks though.

  2. bbfiddler says:

    This deck looks super cool but I agree with Freaky Mutant Man that it’s pretty hard to read the text of the cards. Do you have a better version without the smudged text?

    • roman says:

      Thanks for the note, sorry I missed it until now, but I did update the Shaak Ti .pdf and I think whatever issue has been resolved. I’m not sure what happened there, the .PDF looked fine prior to upload but something about that process smudged it. Hope that didn’t deter too many people because this is a really good deck, one we play a lot and always have fun with, sort of a classic tough Jedi deck.

  3. Silas says:

    Hello, I just found out about custom characters for epic duels and ordered some miniatures including shaak-ti. I see other pdfs available on the pbworks page, but I can never find links to your pdfs. Is there a big lists of just your pdfs somewhere, or am I just not seeing them on each character website.

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