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Minor(s): C-3P0

To fill out the complete set of characters, we have adopted the unedited R2-D2 & C-3P0 deck by Mike Maloney  for occasional Geektopia play.  We tinkered with our own version but in GenCon 2012, Roman and Cagey were defeated by a team using this as one of their two decks, and Cagey finally believed a deck without an A8 could succeed.  It’s a Tier 3 deck, at least in Geektopia, but it can help a teammate win.

This isn’t a deck we’ll break out a whole lot but if you want to represent R2-D2 in Epic Duels, Mike’s is pretty much how you would do it and we do play it once in a while.  It’s a great design.

It’s included in the Geektopia Vassal set so that you can easily mix with the other decks.  It’s Vash’s R2-D2 deck, just worse-looking, but convenient.

What does this deck do:  Just enough to frustrate an opponent, control the board, and aid a teammate while doing a great job of representing the droids.



  1. Svendovian says:

    What’s your interpretation on the wording of Weapon Compartment’s “take any combat card” phrasing? Does it apply only to basic combat cards, or can you retrieve a power combat card and put it in an allies hand?

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