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Director Orson Krennic

Minor(s): 2 Death Troopers

This deck is loosely based on the Megatron deck by Craig Van Ness from the Transformers Armada Battle for Cybertron game, and inspired by Freaky Mutant Man’s “one big attack” concept for Krennic.

What does this deck do:  10 direct damage in one action.  It spends the rest of the game trying to get that.

Updated 1/18/18

Director Orson Krennic
by Roman F, based on ideas by Craig Van Ness

Director Orson Krennic
14 HP
Yellow Deck

2 Death Troopers
5 HP Each
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

4x Power Up
A2.  Draw 2 cards after attacking.

2x Trooper Charge
A5.  Krennic may switch places with any Death Trooper.

3x Suppressive Fire
Choose an opponent’s character that Krennic or a Death Trooper can attack. That character receives 1 damage for each of your characters on the board. Draw a card.

2x Grovel
Krennic recovers 4 damage.  Draw a card.

1x Deliver the Weapon
Choose any character adjacent to Krennic.  That character receives 10 damage.  You must discard 9 cards to play this card.

Figures: The Imperial Security Officer is almost perfect. For Death Troopers, you could use Imperial Pilots, or just spray some Storm Troopers black.

Notes: The 10 direct damage might be a Negative Play Experience (NPE) for some.  Unlike Megatron, who has many ways to beat you, Krennic only really has one, that plus being generally annoying.  Definitely different than the other commander-types we’ve got out there, which is what we need.  He’s sort of a timer that is going to go off unless you kill him first, and his Death Guards are there to make that a challenge.  I tried him with 2x D10 originally and he seemed a bit too strong so I switched out for healing, and now I suspect he’s too weak, but the challenge is that he should be weak without being too weak.

Vassal X-Y:  2400, 1900, in a spot previously held by Galen Erso, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.




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