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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Minor(s): 2 Clone Troopers

What does this deck do:  Tanks better than anyone else.  Hits and runs.  Balances it up.

“Obi-Wan Jedi Knight”
Modified deck. Original Epic Duels deck by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness. Modifications by Geektopia.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
18 HP
22 Cards
Blue Deck

2x Clone Troopers
4 HP Each
Weak Ranged Minor Deck
9 Cards

Obi-Wan – 12 Talent Cards

A6, move 6.

D12, draw a card.

A5, move Obi & attacked character 3 spaces each.

Move 8, draw a card.

Take a card from your discard pile.

All players discard hands and draw 3 cards.

Why Tweak Obi-Wan? To make him weaker. Obi-Wan was by far the best character in the original set to the point of being imbalanced, and in 2v2, FORCE CONTROL was a ridiculous game-changing card. Obi-Wan, as of Episode 2, was strong but clearly not yet among the elite Jedi.


Tweak 2x FORCE CONTROL to A5, move Obi-Wan and attacked character up to 3 spaces.

Themes: Balance, hit-and-run
Path to Victory: DEFEND + DEFEND + ATTACK + ATTACK + RUN AWAY, repeat — you do this better than just about everyone else
Strengths: Great defense, movement, and hit-and-run
Weaknesses: Mediocre damage output with no direct damage, weak minors
Strategy: Control the game with great movement and defense, chip away on offense.
Test Level: High
Tier: 1

Notes: He’s the original sluggo with large amounts of power attacks and power defense. However, the tweak reduces the game-changing power of FORCE CONTROL and reduces his offensive output to a mediocre level.  Still, the deck retains its characteristic great defense, resulting in more of a “tank” deck with great defense but limited offense, very strong but no longer among the strongest decks of the game, more like 1B than 1A.  This is where we think he should be.  With reduced attack power, Obi-Wan has to make good use of his hit-and-run abilities and FORCE BALANCE.  Still, nobody can tank or seal off part of the board like Obi-Wan, making him a top 2v2 teammate.

Want more Obi-Wan Kenobi?

There are many versions of the cartoon Obi-Wan like the one by umondy, of Old Obi-Wan like ours, and some of Episode III, also like ours.  However, as far as an Episode II version goes, this one is about all there is.

There are many different ways to tweak the original Obi-Wan and most people do because he is so over-powered.  I’ll always point people to the 10-Year Anniversary Tournament Set, which attempts to balance 24 decks.  The changes to Obi-Wan in that set are pretty drastic, as they would need to be to accomplish that objective.




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  1. Pehes III says:

    Hello !
    I’m afraid that your link to the 10YA tournament set actually only points to Mace Windu’s altered 10 YA deck on the wikia. The full set of 10 YA tweaks can still be found, but requires a search on the wiki.
    The three other links work like a charm.

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