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Luminara Unduli

Minor(s): Barris Offee

Quite possibly the best custom deck ever. This was the first Geektopia custom deck, preceding Episode III and even Star Wars Minis, an original collaboration between Roman and Rich Pizor in California that has been refined over years and years of frequent play.  It’s still one of our favorites to play and comes out almost every session.

What does this deck do:  Teams up for big damage and defense.

Luminara Unduli & Barriss Offee
by Roman F & Geektopia

Luminara Unduli
15 HP
14 cards + 5 shared cards
Blue Deck

Barriss Offee
10 HP
12 cards + 5 shared cards
Minor Blue Deck

Luminara – 4 Talent Cards

A3/D3.  If used as an attack, this does not count as an action.  If used as defense, draw a card.

A8/D8.  You must discard one of Luminara’s basic combat cards or this card is not valid.

Barriss Offee – 3 Talent Cards 

A7.  Move Barriss and target up to 3 spaces each.

A4.  If this attack is not blocked, look at target opponent’s hand and choose a card for him/her to discard.

Heal Barriss up 3 to hit points.  If Luminara is adjacent to Barriss, you may heal Luminara up 3 hit points instead of Barriss.

Shared Cards that either can use – 5 Talent Cards 

A3/D3.  If Luminara are both adjacent to target or attacker, attack and defend values triple.

Move Luminara and Barriss up to 5 spaces each, ignoring obstacles and opposing characters.  If Luminara and Barriss are adjacent before and after moving, draw a card.

Luminara and Barriss do 2 points of damage to each adjacent character.  Luminara and Barriss cannot take damage until their next turn.

Theme: Teamwork
Path to Victory:  JEDI LEAP + JEDI AGILITY + either TANDEM FIGHTING and/or FORCE CONTROL and/or BLADE OF THE HEART.  FORCE BUBBLE can follow any attack card.
Strengths: Big attacks, direct damage, solid defense, strong minor
Weaknesses: Need both characters alive to be most effective
Strategy: Use Barriss’ and team’s big attacks to set up Luminara for the finish
Test Level: Very high
Tier: 2

Inspiration: This was Roman’s and Geektopia’s first real effort, inspired by Clone Wars, Season 1.  It is considered by many to be the best custom deck ever created and we won’t disagree.

Playing Luminara & Barriss: Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. The two alien women depend upon each other, and victory is difficult to achieve if one of them goes down early. The ideal strategy is to step up with them for some big attacks (especially at least 1 BUBBLE), make sure Barriss goes down before Luminara, and finish them off with BLADE OF THE HEART. Only use AGILITY as an attack if you’re setting up something big such as TANDEM FIGHTING or BLADE OF THE HEART. Otherwise, save it for defense. This kind of deck depends on getting some timely “All” rolls.

Playing against Luminara & Barriss: You have to kill one of them. Barriss is the easier one to kill, but if Luminara is exposed, go after her. Either one can be brought down with concentrated attacks, as both are low on HP. They can punish you for bunching your characters together and  Barris can punish you if you don’t block her attacks, which you should anyways because she has some good ones.





  1. James Matthews says:

    Can you explain Force Bubble
    Tournament tweak? Does the character have to be adjacent to both Luminara AND Barriss to take 2 damage? Or does the character have to be adjacent to just one of them?

    • roman says:

      Sure, you only have to be adjacent to one of them, but the tweak is that even if you’re adjacent to both, you still take only 2 damage. As I think about it here late in 2020, that’s probably what it should have been all along, but the “original” version can do 4 damage to a character adjacent to both Luminara and Barriss.

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