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Luke Skywalker, Grand Master

Minor(s): 2 Resistance Troopers

This version of Luke has gone through some different iterations. Please share any feedback in the comments below!

What does this deck do:  Damages crowds.  Negates defense and strips away offense.  Defends and moves.

Grand Master Luke
by Roman F

15 HP
Green Deck

2x Resistance Soldiers
4 HP each
Weak ranged minor Deck

Luke – 12 Talent Cards

A0. After attacking, ILLUSIONARY STRIKE does 3 damage to the defending character.

A2*. *Add 2 to the attack value for each opponent adjacent to Luke before attack is played. After attacking, Luke may attack each other enemy adjacent to him with this card, going clockwise. They may defend.

D4. For each point of damage Luke takes, the player controlling the attacking character chooses and discards a card.

D*. Luke takes no damage from the attack. Then move Luke to any vacant space.

Choose an empty space that Luke could attack if he had a blaster. Then choose any allied character Luke could otherwise attack with a blaster, or choose Luke. Move the chosen character to the chosen space.

Choose an opponent. You and the opponent reveal your hands and discard all attacks greater than 2.

Choose any number of your cards, including this card, and discard them. Draw an equal number of new cards.

Why Resistance Soldiers?

There’s sort of a lack of alternatives and besides, we don’t otherwise have Resistance Soldiers in our game.  Luke does appear on Crait to rescue the Resistance forces, and using his astral projection, “appears” with them.  I’m not going to bring Porgs or caretakers into the game as Luke’s minors, and there’s really nobody else unless you want to throw Chewie or Yoda in there, which I don’t.  Resistance Soldiers are fun, standard “shitbreather” minors, as we refer to them.  They should probably go with someone else but Luke needs minors, and they’ll do just fine.

Figures: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master looks the best.  A slightly cheaper way to go is Grand Master Luke Skywalker or maybe Luke Skywalker, Galactic Hero. Any Rebel soldier types will do for Resistance Soldiers.

Notes: I want Luke to be Tier 1A but the rest of my group is more 1B with him, if that.  I maintain, however, that if Luke at the end of TLJ were to walk into the Emperor’s throne room in ROTJ, he’d be quite capable of fending for himself and stand a solid chance of winning the contest, so I’m aiming for Tier 1B.

Sort of a compromise: This version of Luke can be extremely tough if everything goes his way, as tough as any character. He can launch A14s, escape to any space on the board, absorb lots of damage, and force you to discard your entire hand. He can also struggle to find enough damage output and movement but he’s an undeniable tank like Obi-Wan. MASTER SWEEP itself can be a silly A14 in the right circumstances, though I think those circumstances will come about very rarely and it has been be an A4 much of the time, limiting Luke’s overall power level.

Vassal X-Y:  500, 2400, Mando’s old spot, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.





  1. Separatist 18 says:

    I’d be really amused by Porgs with 1 HP each 😀

    I haven’t played in awhile, and this is more just me being in the mood to be creative than anything else, I certainly haven’t playtested this at all. But I’m thinking I like the idea for this Luke of combining some illusion type attacks that actually hurt you in some way if you defend against them, with some standard middling power attacks that are can be a pain if you don’t block them. I’m not crazy with IWNFY in this deck either.

    So here’s my suggestion, obviously you don’t have to use it but just for fun.

    Luke, 15 HP, Green Deck

    Porgs, Weak Melee Deck, 1 HP

    Luke Talent Cards

    x3 Illusionary Strike- A0 After resolving this attack, if the attack is defended against, the defending character receives 3 damage. (Alternatively “must choose and discard 3 cards.”)

    x3 Piercing Blade- A4 If the attack is not blocked, the attack value is 6.

    x2 Battle Plan- Move Luke Skywalker and each Porg up to 4 spaces each. Draw a Card.

    x2 Jedi Attack- A5 After attacking, you may move Luke up to 5 spaces.

    x1 Astral Projection- D* Luke takes no damage from the attack. Then move Luke to any open space.

    x1 Porg Invasion- Each Porg does 1 damage to each enemy character he is in position to attack.

    Porg Invasion is, of course, a joke and could be replaced either with your original Force Mastery card, or something else 🙂 .

    • roman says:

      I worry that Luke lacks killing power. MASTER SWEEP could be an A14, but it will be A6 or even A4 much of the time, and other than that, he just has a green deck and weak minors. I probably need to cap MASTER SWEEP and give him something else to hit with, like your ILLUSIONARY STRIKE card or something similar.

      • Separatist 18 says:

        Unless there’s something really unique about Geektopia’s set up, I doubt it’ll be much higher than A6 (or A8? Does the opponent you’re attacking count as an adjacent opponent? I guess I assumed it didn’t, but technically it seems like it does.)

    • roman says:

      Even after making some tweaks, Luke is killing it in every play test. I’m going to try replacing FORCE CONTROL with your ILLUSIONARY STRIKE.

      • Separatist 18 says:

        I don’t know if the change was intentional (and if so its fine of course) but the version of Illusionary Strike depended on the defender actually playing a defense card for it to do damage, in other words you could “call Luke’s bluff” by not defending and it would just be a wasted attack. Your version does the DD whether the attack is defended against or not.

        • roman says:

          I intentionally have it do 3 DD either way because Luke needs the damage output. 3 discards would be a better fit with the discarding theme of his deck but I think he’d be too strong.

  2. roman says:

    I played against Luke with the 3 DD version of ILLUSIONARY STRIKE. It’s a pretty good card. I think I played D4s against, it, and it’s like an A7 against those. At the same time, it’s an A3 if you have no defense at all. Luke is still very, very strong defensively and has a deep enough bag of tricks that this is probably all he really needs. I’ll test him some more to make sure he wins a game, but if he isn’t a Tier 1 deck, that would be ok with my group. I think he probably still is Tier 1, though.

  3. umondy says:

    Really cool deck and nice cards I had in mind before but never really could grasp it. MASTER SWEEP is a great card. Crazy thing I just had a very similiar idea for a new deck. I know that the attacking all the other adjacent characters is what makes the SWEEP thin going but this is what it makes this card ULTRA strong. Maybe you could find a way to reduce this part of the card? Perhaps every other character only gets attacked by half the attack value?

    • roman says:

      MASTER SWEEP looks strong and has great potential, but most of the time it’s just an A4 or once in a while, an A6. Have you actually played with this deck and seen Luke dominate with this card? If you do, please report back, but I don’t think it will happen that way very often.

      • umondy says:

        Honestly I haven’t. I would say it depends on how you play the game. As our group almost exclusively plays 2v2 teamplay it would not be too uncommon to have Luke adjacent to 3 opponents. This would result in him attacking ALL three with a single action. I can see it work way better in 1v1 matchups.

      • umondy says:

        …it would lead to him attscking three times with an what I wanted to say.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love the deisgn of this deck. It really looks great and fun to play, I just would somehow scale down MASTER SWEEP for our style of play.

        • roman says:

          I’m talking about 2v2 as well — I almost never play anything else. MASTER SWEEP has great potential but I can’t remember ever seeing it used as even an A8.

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