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Witch King of Angmar

Minor(s): 2 Orc Archers

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This is a fun, powerful deck, but considering how strong the Aragorn and Gandalf decks are, maybe it should be even stronger!


Witch King
19 HP
Blue Deck (10 cards, melee)

2 Orc Archers
4 HP
Weak Ranged Minor Deck (9 cards, ranged)

Witch King Talent Cards (12)

3x Great Black Flail
A4, After attack is resolved, GREAT BLACK FLAIL does 2 damage to all enemies Witch King can attack.

2x Sword of Flame
A5, If the Witch King does damage with this card, the player controlling the defending character must choose and discard cards equal to the amount of damage done, up to 3.

2x No Man Can Kill Me
D*. If the attacking character is female, this card has no defense value against Power Combat cards. Otherwise, Witch King receives no damage from the attack.

1x Morgul Blade
A5, If this attack does damage, place a MORGUL BLADE MARKER on the defending character’s character sheet.

2x Terrifying Screech
Pick 2 cards at random from an opponent’s hand. That player must discard those cards.  All characters with a MORGUL BLADE MARKER receive 3 damage.

2x Fell Swoop
You may move Witch King adjacent to any character. That character receives 2 damage.

Notes:  With hindsight, I probably give him 20 HP, but this is fine.  He’s got great staying power.  His offense is just ok, with SWORD OF FLAME capped at a 3 card discard, but it can be a NPE (negative play experience) to say, have your minor get hit for 4 points of damage, and discard 4 cards along with that.

Take him up against SWED decks and let me know how he performs.

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