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Minor(s): Grishnakh

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Ugluk & Grishnakh

14 HP
Red Deck (10 cards, Melee)

12 HP
Strong Melee Minor Deck (9 cards, Melee)

Ugluk – 7 Talent Cards

3x Ugluk’s Sword
A5.  Against minors, attack value is 8.

2x Meat’s Back on the Menu
Heal Ugluk 3 points. If Grishnakh has been destroyed, heal Ugluk 6 points. Draw a card.

1x Saruman’s Prize
A8. If this does not destroy target, draw 2 cards.

1x Poison
All minors in the game take 4 damage, including Grishnakh.

Grishnakh – 5 Talent Cards

2x Mutiny
A7. Ugluk takes 2 damage.

2x Diversion
Choose a target to move 4 spaces. Move Grishnakh 4 spaces.

1x No One Will Save You
A9. Grishnak cannot defend until his next turn.

This is a strange deck with a strange dynamic. These guys actually want to hurt each other, and I suspect that they aren’t consistently very good. But if they time it right, they can sneak off with a victory. Of course, they won’t be sharing it…

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