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Minor(s): 2 Elven Archers

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There were some old, previously discarded concepts for a Legolas with Archers deck that I liked, and that I was able to put into this Tauriel.  Plus, she gives the set some girl power, another all-ranged deck, and if you’re willing to spring for it, Games Workshop has a great figure for her.

12 HP
Yellow Deck

2x Elven Archers
4 HP Each
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

Tauriel – 12 Talent Cards

3x Piercing Shot
A4*.  If the defending player plays a defense card, subtract 2 from its value.

3x Quick Shot
A3.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

2x Long Range Shot
A3*.  Add 1 to the attack value for each space between Tauriel and the defending character. Add 1 if attacking diagonally.

2x Leaping Shot
Move Tauriel up to 5 spaces and she may move over enemies.  Then Tauriel does 2 damage to one character she can attack.

2x Trick Shot
Tauriel does 2 damage to all characters she can attack.  Then move Tauriel up to 4 spaces.

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