LOTRED – The Hobbit

The final (for now) set of LOTRED decks is born of The Hobbit trilogy.  I’ll go ahead and tell you, they weren’t my favorite films, but they are full of colorful characters and epic, one-on-one battles.  All of the characters included are worthy of a deck, and I think all 8 decks are interesting and fun.

These were put together in Deck Designer so they are a little easier to print, and include cut-out figures, but they don’t have the Middle Earth style that Robert Moore provided.  Maybe one day we can get Robert to put his design touch on these decks.  In the meantime, you have these.

Bard & Villagers

Bilbo & Dwarves

Tauriel & Elves

Thorin & Dwarves

Azog & Orcs

Bolg & Orcs

Great Goblin & Goblins

Smaug & Fire Pillars

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