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LOTRED is also available for online play via Vassal.  If you’re intrigued by LOTRED but not sure, try it out on Vassal and see what you think.

It’s important to note that the Original 12 LOTRED decks will appear in their own LOTR window, but the 6 Armies decks and Hobbit decks will appear in the EXT window for SWED Extension Decks (Figures will appear in the SWED Ext Tab), not the LOTR window.  The maps will appear with the Star Wars maps (just how it works on Vassal).

If you haven’t already (and why haven’t you?) you will need to download SWED3-2 for Vassal.  LOTR is an extension that needs to be downloaded to your SWED3-2_ext directory, like any other SWED3-2 extension.

Vassal Extension Downloads:

Original 12 Decks — Appear in their own LOTR window.
Armies Expansion — The decks appear in the EXT window.
Maps — Will appear with Star Wars maps.

The Hobbit — The 8 below decks appear in the EXT window next to the Armies decks.


Great Goblin

Legends — The 6 below decks also appear in the EXT window, these are to the far right, next to the Hobbit decks.


Eye of Sauron
Sauron the Dark Lord

If any of the links don’t work, let me know in the comments, but you can also find the Vassal extensions on each individual deck page. Go back to LOTRED and just navigate to those pages.

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  1. Dak Ecken says:

    Hey I love the decks, and just started downloading the Vassal software. But when I downloaded the original LOTR decks I cannot find out which of the 5 files in the folder I need to open on Vassal. I tried opening the file titled “ModuleData” on Vassal under “Open Module” but it says that the file “LOTR-Decks-Original12 (1)\moduledata’ is not a valid VASSAL module.” Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am sure it just my unfamiliarity with the software, but I would love to be able to play with some friends!

    • roman says:

      Hi Dak, thanks for your interest. Sorry you’re having some trouble. It reads like you haven’t used Vassal before.

      1. So if you’ve never used Vassal, start with Star Wars Epic Duels by downloading the module here:


      Make sure you can play Star Wars Epic Duels before you do anything else.

      2. In the same directory as your SWED3-2.zip file, create another directory called SWED3-2_ext

      3. Put all of the LOTR (and SW) extensions you’re interested in into the SWED3-2_ext directory.

      The first 12 LOTR decks have their own dedicated “LOTR” window and figures tab. The others will appear in the EXT window and EXT figures tab (the LOTR window and tab are not a base elements, they’re extension elements. Extensions can only modify base elements, not extension elements, if that makes sense).

      • Dak Ecken says:

        Thanks Roman, and yeah its our first day on Vassal and using this program so we are still trying to work out the kinks, but are so happy to be able to even play SWED on vassal. I think the thing messing me up (because I have a pretty basic comprehension of this kind of stuff) is that for me the Vassal version of SWED is not a zip file where I can add new folders into with the LOTR decks. At least for me, my SWED file is not a zip file, the File Type is just a “VASSAL Module” and so I am not able to add subfolders into here as I would if it was a zipfile, and my Vassal file is just a shortcut, so I am having some trouble figuring out where to input the lotr decks.

        • roman says:

          You don’t add files to the Vassal module, whether it’s a zip file or not. You create a separate subdirectory within the same parent directory as your SWED3-2 Vassal module, and call the new subdirectory “SWED3-2_ext” (precisely) and you put extensions in there and it will read them.

          • Dak Ecken says:

            Thanks Roman! It took a few tries to figure out what you meant but I got the LOTR uploads that I wanted and me and my friends are so excited. I had one quick question for you (based on your extensive knowledge of the ED & LOTRED). When using Vassal, any tips for using cards that say “look at any players hand…”? Our issue is that if Player 1 has cards in their hand, and Player 2 opens their hand after using a special, if Player 1 flips the cards over in their hand to show Player 2, the chat logs show which cards Player 1 flipped over in their own hand. I hope this makes sense and just curious if you had any tips for us. Best!

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