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Minor(s): Haldir

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15 HP
Green Deck (10 cards, Melee)

10 HP
Strong+ Ranged Minor (9 cards, Ranged)

Galadriel – 8 Talent Cards

3x Test of Galadriel
Reveal an opponent’s hand.  The opponent takes 1 damage for each attack card greater than 1.

2x Elven Rope
Choose an opponent.  That opponent cannot draw cards on his next turn.  Galadriel may move up to 5 spaces.

2x Elf Witch
A8.  Galadriel may attack any target on the board.

1x Light of Earendil
Search your draw pile and put any card into your hand.  Reshuffle draw pile.

Haldir – 4 Special Cards

2x Alliances Honored
A7 You may discard a card to draw a card.

2x Lembas
Haldir may heal himself or any adjacent character 3 points.  Draw a card.

There’s probably a more interesting Galadriel deck out there, this is just to get some ideas going.

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