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Minor(s): Samwise

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From what I remember of the LOTRED project, this was by far the hardest deck to get right, and went through several iterations, some pretty different.  There was one version where if Sam died, Frodo started doing massive direct damage with the ring, like he turned evil.  Fishfleas became obsessed that that was the way to depict Frodo and the ring, and basically left the project over my decisions to take those elements away.  Despite all that, I think this final version is a well balanced deck that captures the hobbits well.


12 HP
Brown Deck

13 HP
Brown+ Minor Deck

Shared Talent Cards (4)

3x Sting
A4. If both Frodo and Sam are adjacent to the target, attack value is 7.

1x Light of Earendil
Search your draw pile for any card and put it in your hand.  At the end of your turn, you may reshuffle your discard pile into your draw pile, including this card.

Frodo Talent Cards (5)

3x The One Ring
Move all characters on the board up to 3 spaces each. If Witch King or any Nazgul are on the board, their controlling players may move each of them up to 3 spaces each.

1x Mithril
D10. Draw a card.

1x The Ring Bearer
A5*. *If Sam has been destroyed, attack value is 9.

Sam Talent Cards (3)

2x For the Shire
A6. If Frodo is adjacent to Sam, move Sam and Frodo up to 6 total spaces.  Otherwise, move Sam up to 6 spaces.

1x Lembas
If any allied hobbits are adjacent to Sam, then Sam and all adjacent allied hobbits each recover up to 3 damage. Otherwise, Sam recovers 4 hit points.

Notes: Lots of tricksy tricks, those hobbits.  It’s actually a powerful deck, were it not for the low HP and weak basic decks.  THE ONE RING, this is the watered-down version, yet it’s a game controller.  Sam can really bring some lumber too.

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