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Minor(s): 2 Archers

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This all-ranged deck brings a needed element to LOTRED and is a nice addition to the set.  We were going to include it as part of 14 original decks, but the project was bogging down so this got shelved into the Armies Expansion, not that it really matters now.  Fishfleas did most of the work on this one.


HP 15
Orange Deck (10 cards, Ranged, Modified: 5/1 is a 4/1)

2x Gondorian Rangers
HP 4
Strong ranged minor (9 cards, Ranged)

Faramir Talent Cards (12)

3x Ithilian Trap
A4, Add 2 to the attack value for each each Gondorian Ranger that may also attack the defending character and is not adjacent to defending character.

2x Aimed Shot
A5, Draw a card.

1x Valiant Charge
Move each of your characters up to 4 spaces.  Add 2 to the attack value for any attacks you make this turn with a basic card on an adjacent target.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

3x Hidden Pool
Move Faramir up to 4 spaces each.  Then move Gondorian Ranger 1 up to 4 spaces and move Gondorian Ranger 2 up to 4 spaces.  If this card is played as your second action, each character moved recovers up to 2 damage.

2x Lying in Wait
Draw 3 cards.

1x In His Stead
Exchange spaces between Faramir and any allied character.

Note:  The card VALIANT CHARGE is what I call a “fish special:” A convoluted set of effects intended to represent a very specific scene in a very specific way (for another example, see Lurtz’s ALIVE AND UNSPOILED card).  VALIANT CHARGE is actually an extremely powerful card, probably one of the most powerful in LOTRED overall, but I do like it.  The rest of the deck is a straightforward ranged attack deck, which the set needs.

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