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Cave Troll

Minor(s): 2 Goblins

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“They brought a cave troll!”

This is a really fun deck.  He looks tougher than he actually is, at least in 2v2.  In 1v1, he’s a Tier 1 deck without question.  Credit fishfleas with the card name “Drums in the Deep”.


Cave Troll
24 HP
Red Deck (10 cards, melee)

2x Moria Goblins
3 HP
Weak Melee Minor Deck (9 cards, melee)

3x Smashing Blow
A8, After attacking, you must choose and discard a card.

3x Battle Frenzy
Cave Troll does 3 damage to all adjacent characters.  Then you may move each affected character up to 2 spaces each.

2x Sweeping Attack
A4*, *After attacking, choose another opposing character adjacent to Cave Troll. Attack that character with this card, and the player controlling the opposing character may defend as normal.

2x Stomp
A4, The defending character cannot move on his/her next turn.

2x Drums in the Deep
You may move Cave Troll up to 3 spaces.  Draw 2 cards.

He’s a multiple enemy smashing berserker with some high damage output.  His defense is as worthless as it gets but his high HP mean he won’t go down early.  DRUMS IN THE DEEP, though, is actually the key to his having a really good game.

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