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Minor(s): Denethor

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Fans of Geektopia will recognize that this deck is based off of Quinlan Vos.


16 HP
Red Deck (10 cards, melee)

10 HP
Minor Brown Deck (9 cards, melee)

Boromir Talent Cards (9)

4x Valor
A4, After attacking, Boromir receives 1 damage.  Playing this card does not count as an action.

1x Blood of Gondor
A*, *The attack value of this card is equal to the amount of damage Boromir has received.

2x Heroic Sacrifice
D2*, *If Denethor has been destroyed, the defense value is 0.  After taking the attacker’s damage, Boromir does 3 points of damage to the attacking character.

2x Horn of Gondor
Boromir recovers 3 damage.  You may move Boromir up to 4 spaces.  Then move Denethor up to 4 spaces.  Then, if Faramir is on the board, move him up to 4 spaces.

Denethor Talent Cards (3)

2x Eyes of the White Tower
Choose any opponent. That opponent must show you all but 2 cards of his/her hand.  Then choose 2 of the cards you can look at.  Your opponent must discard the chosen cards.

1x Gondor Will See It done
You may move Boromir adjacent to any character.  Boromir and that character each receive 3 damage.

20/20 Hindsight:  Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have included Denethor in this way.  I would probably put Boromir with Merry & Pippin and give them 4 cards to bring out their personalities, and made it more of a FOTR deck.  Then, Gandalf would be with Citadel Guards, Eowyn the minor to Theoden the major, and then I would have added in an entirely other deck in the Armies expansion, maybe Galadriel or Haldir or something.

I originally wanted to put Boromir with Faramir but they don’t actually share screen time outside of the extended version, but mainly, Faramir with archers gave LOTRED the rare all-ranged deck, which we kind of needed, so we needed to figure out another direction for Boromir.

I’m really just nitpicking because this is a fun deck.  This is a way to get a character like Denethor in the game because it’s not like anyone would want to play Denethor & 2 Cronies deck or anything.  He’s probably more interesting than a couple of faceless minors and it’s not like he’s out of place as Boromir’s minor, plus he has a spy type of role to play.

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