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Jyn Erso

Minor(s): 2 Rebel Commandos

Jyn is the heroine of Star Wars Rogue One.  This is supposed to be a commando-feeling deck with a few tricks up its sleeve.

What does this deck do:  Offers ranged support while waiting for the big attack, then looks to reshuffle and do it again.

Updated 1/28/18

Jyn Erso
by Roman F and Geektopia.  REGROUP from Craig Van Ness’ Red Alert deck.

Jyn Erso
16 HP
Yellow+ Deck

2 Rebel Soldiers
4 HP Each
Weak Ranged Deck

Jyn Erso – 12 Talent Cards

3x Rogue
A4.  After defending, the player controlling the defending character chooses and discards a card.

1x Diversion
A5*. *If this card does damage, you may choose another character to take the damage instead of the target character.

1x Time to Fight
A10.  Draw a card.

2x Regroup
D10, after playing this card, discard your entire hand and draw 4 new cards.

2x Recon
Choose an opponent.  That opponent must reveal his/her hand to all players.  Choose one card and place it back on top of his/her draw pile.

2x Infiltration
Move Jyn and the Rebels up to 3 spaces each.  They may move through enemies.  Then you may reshuffle your discard pile into your draw pile.

1x Built on Hope
Search your draw pile for any card and put it in your hand. Then reshuffle your draw pile.

Figures: Old Republic Recruit for Jyn, for the win. Veteran Republic Commandos for her minors.

Notes: I’m aiming to get Jyn around the Han & Chewie, Tier 3A level, and I think this one is close though it might be a tad weaker. Thanks to Freaky Mutant Man for offering the idea behind DIVERSION. It would probably work better as a pair of attacks instead of a single A5, but it gives her enough offense to be dangerous.

Vassal X-Y:  1300, 2400, in a spot previously held by Fennec Shand, part of the late 2022 X-Y shakeup.





  1. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    Seeing as Luke, Rebel Commando is listed under the “Retired/Experimental” section, perhaps you could use the EXPLOSIVE CHARGE idea as inspiration for at least part of the deck’s theme? Rebels giving their lives to do major damage to the enemy would fit very well with what is seen in Rogue One.

    • roman says:

      That card sort of goes with LEVITATION, but maybe I can give Jyn some kind of rebel-moving ability, WE’RE WITH YOU! or something along those lines.

    • roman says:

      So as it turns out, EXPLOSIVE CHARGE is an extremely weak, highly situational card. If you think about it, even blowing up a Rebel Commando to do 4 damage to two opponents isn’t really that great, because you’re killing the Commando and letting the other team off the hook from having to use cards and actions to kill him. Or, Jyn taking 4 damage to do 4 damage to two opponents, isn’t a great use of an action. You need either for the Rebel Commando to be damaged with no other cards or to be doing damage to 3 or more opponents. It can happen, but it’s rare, so you end up holding onto the card waiting for a perfect situation which rarely presents itself. Oh well, cool idea, I’ll leave it in the Luke deck, but Jyn needs to replace EXPLOSIVE CHARGE as well as THE NEXT CHANCE with some offense that she can use at any time.

  2. Separatist18 says:

    One possible way to weaken her would be to FORCE her to discard her whole hand and draw 4 new ones with her D10s rather than the “may” clause. At least that would limit her in terms of when she can tactically play her D10s. From a power perspective I’m not sure whether that’s a good change or a bad one. From a realism standpoint that makes more sense IMO.

  3. Darth Wolverine says:

    I really like this deck, it’s quite a nice little saboteur support deck. If you think the defense is too strong (and it probably is), maybe make the D10 cards into D8s? That nullifies most blaster fire but Jedi’s will still do damage.

    Also, LOVE the deck image.

    • roman says:

      Thanks man! I’m a fan of your work too.

      Which image are you referring to, the card back (got it from pinterest) or maybe the deviant art on this page?

      D8 vs. D10 makes little difference. More like, drop one of the Ds altogether, but I haven’t seen this deck play yet so it stands for now. All set up for Vassal if anyone has time, even on his own.

      • Darth Wolverine says:

        The back of the deck. It’s awesome.

        Yeah, I want to make more decks (or tweak my Rey deck), but I lost my computer a while ago and the deck creators really don’t like phones. =/

  4. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    Here’s an idea for Jyn: the Smash Bros Solid Snake & Otacon deck has a card called CREATE A DIVERSION, which says:

    “A5. If this attack does damage, you may choose an opposing character other than the defending character. That character takes all damage the defending character would have taken from this attack.”

    I think this card (or something similar) could fit for Jyn (or Cassian, or Bodhi). What do you think?

    • roman says:

      That is interesting, thanks! I always like mining and recombining good ideas from other decks and other expansions. I’m not sure how much people will like that card and I question how much utility it really has as only a one-off… but I like it better than Jyn’s current A5, and it does kind of fit her. I’d probably rather try your idea out for now, while leaving the other A5 idea I had for another deck at another time.

    • roman says:

      Hi Jeff! Thanks for your interest. I’ve found it to be a solid deck that feels like Jyn.

      We’ve reached a point in time where even Star Wars Minis have become a challenge to come by. I had to hit up a friend of a friend. But if you can find them, the “Old Republic Recruit” makes a great Jyn, and was considered a “Common” figure so shouldn’t cost much. Commandos are easy enough to find as well.

      • Freaky Mutant Man says:

        As far as miniatures go, Imperial Assault and the upcoming Legion from FFG might, in time, provide some good minis for the newer characters, though both are thus far exclusively OT-focused; to my knowledge, the only FFG game using minis that has content from the new movies is X-Wing, which isn’t exactly helpful for Epic Duels. Still, I can’t imagine they’ll go too much longer before adding in ST content to one of the games; we’re going to be two movies into the ST before too long, and it would be incredibly weird to still only have two of the FFG games (including Destiny) feature content from it at that point.

        • roman says:

          I honestly need another Star Wars miniatures game like a hole in my head. The Geektopia group still plays SWED and we have fund doing it. The 1670 group still plays SW Minis, which is still great, can be as small or large as you want it to be, and has every character you could ever want to play (fans have made characters from the Disney films). I’ve heard good things about Imperial Assault and Legion looks good but I prefer shorter form tactical combat games anyways like Adrenaline, which I highlight in my GenCon post. I’d be interested in SW games around the new films and characters but the old stuff has already been covered, and covered well, IMO.

  5. Jeffhorbie says:

    Roman, Not a bad suggestion at all, the Old republic Recruit does look similar. Thank you for your thoughts. I saw that Legion was coming out and would love to try playing that as well. Hopefully the miniatures catch up to the movies, it would be great having options to those characters.

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