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Jango Fett

Minor(s): Zam Wessell

What does this deck do:  Hits and runs and teams up.  Great movement with enough offense to bother you.

“Jango & Zam”
Modified deck. Original Epic Duels deck by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness. Modifications by Geektopia.

Jango Fett
15 HP
18 cards
Yellow Deck

Zam Wessel
10 HP
13 Cards
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

Jango – 8 Talent Cards

A4; move Jango anywhere.

2 damage; opponent loses one action on next turn.

A7, draw 3 cards – draw 4 on Kamino Platform.

A9; draw 3 cards if enemy is destroyed.

Move anywhere; doesn’t count as an action.

Zam – 4 Talent Cards

A3*. SNIPER SHOT does double any damage.

A7; move Zam anywhere.

Why tweak Jango? To make him stronger. Jango is by far the weakest 2v2 deck in the original set. Good movement doesn’t make up for weak offense and weak defense. We find the whole “if not blocked” concept in Zam’s SNIPER SHOT to be largely ineffective. Overall, the original version doesn’t have much going for it and isn’t much fun, these tweaks give it a little more bite.





A9, draw 3 cards if target is destroyed


Tweak 3x SNIPER SHOT to: A3*, SNIPER SHOT does double any damage.

Theme: A pair of fast, hard-hitting bounty hunters
Strengths: High attacks, high movement, strong minor
Weaknesses: Low staying power, attack power is spread across 2 characters
Strategy: Use movement to keep the distance and rotate Jango and Zam to keep both alive
Test Level: Very High
Tier: 3

Notes: Tweaks don’t make them much stronger, but they give Jango another big attack and Zam a bit more punch, that’s enough to contribute to a win here and there, which is better than they used to do.  Jango still has low overall staying power and has to rely on his considerable movement abilities and Zam, who’s damage output is a little better. Jango loses his signature Flamethrower but he doesn’t really miss it.

Want more Jango?

The 10-Year Anniversary Tweaks are slightly different than ours.

There are a few other options out there but nothing I’m really familiar with.





  1. Separatist18 says:

    Just a conceptual thought since I haven’t had a chance to play this in a really long time, but I’m curious if it would be possible to make Jango’s hit and run game actually work, as opposed to your tweak which makes him a lot like Boba.

    I’m just curious conceptually how you think the following tweak might work, compared to yours.

    x3 Rocket Retreat- A4 After attacking, move Jango to any open space.

    X2 Fire Up the Jet Pack- Move Jango Fett to any open space. Playing this card does not count as an action.

    X2 Flamethrower- Move all enemy characters adjacent to Jango Fett up to 6 spaces each. Each affected character receives 3 damage.

    x1 Missile Launch- A7 Draw 3 Cards.

    Zam Talent Cards

    x3 Sniper Shot- A1* Add 1 to the attack value of this card for each open space separating Zam from the target.

    X1 Assassination- A7 After attacking, move Zam to any open space.

    So I guess the one thing that really stretches the definition of “tweak” is Sniper Shot since that card does something completely different than in the Hasbro version, which combos with Flamethrower or Assassination. I upped flamethrower to 3 damage to keep the DD the same as the Hasbro version despite getting rid of Wrist Cable entirely (a card which is already identical to a Boba Fett card and let’s face it, Hasbro Boba is at least much closer to working than Hasbro Jango.)

    Jango still doesn’t have a lot of kill power, but his number of keep away cards is almost doubled to 7. I’m curious if you think that would help him to win enough more games, or if you still think he’d be too weak.

    • roman says:

      Interesting and I like seeing FUTJ in it twice. If you make FLAMETHROWER really nasty like 3 damage to all adjacent enemies (with less movement like 3) then that might be just enough offense if you also up Zam’s offense. We used to have that effect for Zam’s SNIPER SHOT but it’s not really that good. You’re right ours is a lot like Boba, maybe we should give him a FLAMETHROWER card but then again, he’s the one that we actually see using a dart!

  2. David Cooke says:

    I was thinking Sniper Shot could be comboed with the “upgraded” flamethrower though I don’t know if it would always work that way in a game. But that was the idea.

    Flamethrower at 3 spaces would be hard to play if you didn’t combo it with another card. Because the melee opponent (I guess its different if you play it against another shooter, but oh well) can usually just close the distance and hit Jango twice (4 times in 2 v 2). I was thinking the 6 spaces would allow the card to be a viable hit and run card in its own right, and also could be comboed with Sniper Shot for a big attack.

    • roman says:

      3 copies of that SNIPER SHOT to go with 1 copy of the FLAMETHROWER will result in a pretty weak Zam most of the time. Then you go Separatist’s route of 2 FLAMETHROWERS and 2 FUTJ and drop the WRIST CABLES, and I would go 4 damage and 6 movement on the FTs. Your opponents will have more cards than you much of the time, because you’re spending no action cards, or doing direct damage without forcing them to discard. Could still be fun though and at least a little dangerous.

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