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General Veers

Minor(s): 2 Elite Snowtroopers

An old idea that we’ve never actually played, but if you want to play it, it should be fun.

What does this deck do:  Damages his own troops to deal out massive damage, then heals them up.

General Veers
by Ian and Geektopia

General Veers
14 HP
22 cards
Yellow Deck

2x Elite Snow Troopers
5 HP Each
9 Cards
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

General Veers – 12 Talent Cards

Move Veers and Snowtroopers up to 4 spaces each. If all Snowtroopers end their move adjacent to Veers then playing this card does not count as an action.

Each Snowtrooper does up to 4 damage to every character he can attack.  The Snowtrooper also takes that damage.

All Snowtroopers adjacent to Veers are restored to full health.

Choose an opponent to reveal his hand.  Choose a basic combat card for this opponent to discard.

Draw cards from the draw pile until you’ve drawn 3 Snowtrooper cards. Put these 3 cards in your hand and reshuffle the rest into your draw pile.

A10.  You must reveal and discard all Snowtrooper cards.

Notes:  I don’t know that we’ve ever actually played this deck, and it has some potential NPE elements but it’s here if you want it.  If you play with it, let us know how it goes.





  1. Josh says:

    A good start, I like the decks that do new things with the rule set, I would suggest thinking about dropping a grim tactics and adding 1 Strategic Genius (mostly because he has no bringing back snowtroopers and Stategic Genius is more useable then Grim Tactics…most people will probably go after the snowtroopers in the beginning so gives him some staying power…also shooty whirlwind is potent!)
    I also like the twist on battlefield commander but would suggest only having 2 of those, drop one for anything really…3rd probe droid or maybe a defence card for good ol veers (def 5ish maybe that can be played by an adjacent snowtrooper as well?)

  2. desert_fox654 says:

    Can someone fix the broken link for General Veers or at least type the stats on this page? Please and thank you.

    • roman says:

      Hi and thanks for your interest. I don’t know what happened there to that ol’ Veers deck, it hasn’t changed since 2010. It’s back up now, thanks for pointing that out. Try it out, let us know what you think!

  3. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    I’ve played with this deck years ago, though I can’t remember much about how it played, so no comment there.

    Just one question: with GRIM TACTICS, is it always 4 damage for each Snowtrooper or is it dependent on how much damage the Snowtrooper deals in total (i.e. if a Snowtrooper damages 3 characters, does he then take 12 and die immediately)?

    • roman says:

      Well, you’ve probably played it more than we have :).

      GRIM TACTICS would never do more than 4 damage to the Snowtrooper, as it is designed to combo with STRATEGIC GENIUS. Potentially very powerful, but all you have to do to avoid it is kill the Snowtroopers.

      If either of you (or anyone else reading this) plays the deck at all, we would love the feedback.

  4. umondy says:

    I have played this a few times and really like the deck. Definately have to play it again in the near future to have a little more insight. It’s been quite a while.

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