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General Hux

Minor(s): 2 First Order Troopers

Updated 1/16/17

General Hux has so far been sort of a typical commander deck who relies upon troops, that he can heal in his case, but not resurrect.  It’s kind of getting old though, so we’ve added in a JUSTICE-type of card to see if this might make him more dynamic, fun and interesting.  He’s got plenty of power, but with 14 HP, a Yellow Deck and no power defense, he’ll never be in danger of being too powerful.  Probably Tier 3A with this one.

General Hux
by Roman F

General Hux
14 HP
22 cards
Yellow Deck

2x Elite 1st Order Troopers
5 HP Each
9 Cards
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

General Hux – 12 Talent Cards

A4.  After attacking, each of Hux’s Troopers that can attack the defending character do 2 damage to that character.

A4*.  Add 2 to the attack value for each of Hux’s Troopers that has been destroyed.

A5.  Reshuffle all FIRE WEAPON cards in your discard pile into your draw pile and shuffle your draw pile.

Hux and each of his Troopers do 3 damage to one character he can attack.  No major character may take more than 3 damage from this card.

Divide up to 10 spaces of movement between General Hux and all Elite First Order Troopers.  All of Hux’s Troopers recover all damage.

What does this deck do:  Punishes you a little bit for killing his troops but otherwise acts like a fairly typical administrator type, letting his minors do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Figures: Imperial Officer is a decent Hux, add a dab of red paint for his hair and you have a good one. I can’t distinguish between Stormtroopers and First Order Troopers.

Notes: As usual for Star Wars, there are several colorful, interesting and unique heroes, but the villains are primarily officer types, leaders of throngs of faceless forces. General Hux doesn’t really do a whole lot on screen to inspire making him into a dueling character, but he is a primary villain in both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi and will remain such in a third film.

Hux used to have a healing and drawing card, which probably fit what he needs better, but RUTHLESS ATTACK gives Hux a Plan B if his troops get eliminated, with a pair of A8s he can fight with. That’s about all you could hope to get out of a shooter. Hux will really have to hide behind his Troopers in this version but he can heal them repeatedly, which I think probably suits him best.




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