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Minor(s): Poe Dameron

This deck is very fun, even if it plays a bit too strong, because that’s part of what makes it fun to play.  Finn has a lot of potential in his FORCE AWAKENING, STRONG IN THE FORCE and CONCENTRATED FIRE cards to have a great game, as good as anyone’s, but it’s difficult for him to pull off, which it should be.  It was playing very strong for a while, but I made some tweaks in hopes of getting the deck down to Tier 3A.  Tier 2C would be fine too.  If it’s stronger than that, let me know!

Finn Figure

What does this deck do:  Teams up for big big hits and big movement.

Updated 4/18/18
– New card names only

Finn & Poe
by Roman F

14 HP
Yellow* Deck (has an A5)
17 cards

Poe Dameron
10 HP
Strong Ranged Minor
14 cards

Finn – 7 Talent Cards

A4. If this card is defended, draw 2 cards.

A5*. If the target is adjacent to Finn, then add 2 to the attack value for each FORCE AWAKENING in your discard pile.

A5*. *After any defense card is revealed and without using an action, you may add a Finn or Poe (if Poe is in attack position) basic combat card and add its value to this attack.

Move Finn to any empty space. Remove any FORCE AWAKENING cards from the discard pile. Then reshuffle your discard pile into the draw pile, including this card.  Then put the FORCE AWAKENING cards back into the discard pile.

Poe Dameron – 5 Talent Cards

A4. After attacking, move Poe and Finn up to 4 spaces each.

Move Poe and Finn up to 4 spaces each. Playing this card does not count as an action.

A8. After attacking, move Poe up to 8 spaces.

Figures: I bought a Star Wars Monopoly game for $25, and you can still get one for under $30. It comes with a nice figure for Finn and a decent one for Kylo. They are a little large for Epic Duels, but no one has ever complained.

As for Poe, I somehow got a to-scale Poe and BB-8 from some Japanese company but I can’t find those anymore. You can just use a Rebel Pilot figure.

Notes: The inspiration for the deck is obvious.  The only real question was, Finn with Rey and Poe with BB-8?  Or Finn with Poe and Rey with BB-8?  Dashing as he may be, Poe is more of a support character, at least in The Force Awakens. Finn is clearly a major character and the force awakens in him as it does in Rey. The duo works together in the early part of the film.

Because he is a significant character, Poe Dameron was intended to be a very strong minor, like a Chewbacca, but ultimately he was settled into more of a classic 10 HP minor, though the only one with 5 cards of his own. In this case Poe has several strong attacks but more importantly, acts as the deck’s movement engine through 5 very powerful movement card, befitting his role as the best pilot of the resistance.

Following The Last Jedi, it would make more sense to put Finn with Rose but all I can tell you is that I don’t want to. Feel free to make your own Finn & Rose deck.

Vassal X-Y:  300, 2400, still the first Disney row, but it’s down a row from where it used to be, and this deck is in a spot previously held by Enfys Next.





  1. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    So, since I can’t think of a better page to ask this on: the newer pages (such as for the Force Awakens decks) don’t seem to have comment sections. I’m just wondering if this is intentional; Finn & Poe have been getting a fair amount of play lately and I do have a couple thoughts on the deck I’d like to share.

    • roman says:

      Hi, I’m not sure why that is, but I think I’ve found a work around. Give it a try now, if that doesn’t work, go ahead and comment at the Wiki.

      • Freaky Mutant Man says:

        Hmm. I see the comments you made, but I’m not seeing any box to actually post a comment. I’ll go ahead and comment on the Wiki later.

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