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Minor(s): Epic Duels Online Community Expansion

We occasionally break out the outstanding EU Expansion that the online community put together, that we had a small part in contributing to. 12 of the 14 decks are outstanding and were part of a GenCon Epic Duels tournament that Roman and Cagey participated in.

  • We do not play with the overpowered Asajj & Durge deck
  • We do not play with the underpowered and clunky Corran Horn deck
  • We tweak Kyle Katarn’s A3 no-actions to A4, and his minor, Jan’s A7 to A9.



  1. Darth Wolverine says:

    Do you possibly have any of these decks saved? The links are broken and I miss these decks, especially Thrawn and Xizor. =[

    • roman says:

      I uploaded it here as a backup. Thrawn and Xizor are both good decks, though I think Xizor should have a Yellow Basic Deck instead of Orange.

  2. James M Hebert says:

    Can you re-upload the EU PDF? It is no longer linked (404), and the old eu site no longer maintained (even the internet archive instances do not have the pdf).

    Thank you!


  3. JAG18 says:

    Since this is the only place to get the EU pdf would it be alright if I changed all the EU links at the wiki to forward to this page?

    • roman says:

      I found that it’s been at the Wiki all along 🙂 I think that’s where it belongs, not with our content, so I’m going to remove it.

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