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Emperor Palpatine

Minor(s): 2 Royal Guards

What does this deck do:  Makes you discard your entire hand with YOU WILL DIE, plus direct damage, forced discards, and denies drawing of cards.


Emperor Palpatine
Original, unmodified Epic Duels deck by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness

Emperor Palpatine
13 HP
22 Cards
Green Deck

2x Royal Guards
5 HP Each
9 Cards
Strong++ Ranged Minor Deck

Emperor Palpatine – 12 Talent Cards

Inflict 3 damage to anyone on board; victim must discard 1 card at random.

Heal 4 HP; select one opponent to not draw on his or her next turn.

Draw 4; place 3 back on top of deck in any order.

Force opponent to discard 2 cards of his or her choice.

Force opponent to discard entire hand

Swap places with one crimson guard

Why not tweak Emperor?  We’ve always found this deck to be at the right level of power — which is to say, very high — for the character it represents.  There are more powerful decks in the Geektopia universe but only a few, and none carry a card that terrorizes like YOU WILL DIE.  While we know there are many Epic Duelists who dislike the all-or-nothing, negative play experience of YOU WILL DIE, it has always been fun for us.  We’re always looking for decks that discourage sitting around and drawing cards, and this one has always played that role in our set.  We think this deck is one of the best-designed, though we sometimes discuss tweaking or replacing ROYAL COMMAND, the game’s least useful card, with something more useful, but we probably never will.

Theme: Resource-denial
Path to Victory: YOU WILL DIE + MEDITATION followed by multiple FORCE LIGHTNING and/or LET GO OF YOUR HATRED
Strengths: YOU WILL DIE, incredible resource-denying ability, high direct damage, affects enemies from anywhere on the board, strong minors
Weaknesses: Low overall killing power, low movement, no power defense
Strategy: Do damage from a distance with LIGHTNING and Royal Guards until you can use YOU WILL DIE, then keep doing damage and denying resources until they’re dead.
Tier: 1

Notes: Even though we’ve created some powerful decks and some neat designs, Emperor Palpatine remains one of the strongest, and one of the best overall designs. That stated, his lack of damage output just keeps him from being toe-to-toe with the top sluggos unless he gets YOU WILL DIE and plays it at the right time, followed by a string of resource-denying cards.

Want more Emperor Palpatine?

Aside from the 10-Year Anniversary Tweaks to YOU WILL DIE and ROYAL COMMAND (same as the one Mike Maloney and his group uses, I believe) I don’t remember seeing anything out there for this Episode VI version of Emperor Palpatine.  Probably because they nailed it.


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