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Dooku Jedi Knight

Minor(s): Qui-Gon Jinn Padawan

This deck features 2 of our favorite characters, but it has never quite been ironed out.  We played it in May 2017 and it was fun.

What does this deck do:  Mainly it combines 2 fun characters but the idea is that Dooku throws Qui-Gon into the fire, but then Qui-Gon rises to the occasion, dealing out a lot of damage; hence INTO THE FIRE is a Dooku card that affects Qui-Gon.

Dooku, Jedi Knight and Qui-Gon, Padawan
by Cagey BB and Geektopia

Dooku, Jedi Knight

16 HP
18 cards
Blue Major Deck
2x A5D1, 1x A4D1, 2x A4D2, 2x A3D3, 1x A2D3, 2x A1D4

Qui-Gon, Padawan

11 HP
13 cards
Minor Blue Deck
1x A5D1, 1x A4D1, 2x A4D2, 2x A3D3, 1x A2D3, 2x A1D4

Dooku – 8 Talent Cards

A6. After Dooku attacks, Qui-Gon does 1 damage to all characters he can attack.

Move Qui-Gon adjacent to any enemy. Then, for every enemy adjacent to Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon does 1 damage to every character he can attack.

Move Dooku adjacent to any enemy. For every character adjacent to Dooku after he moves, draw 1 card.

A8/D8 Draw a card.

Qui-Gon – 4 Talent Cards

A5. If damage is done with this card, the player controlling the defending character gets 1 less action on his/her next turn. If not, you get 1 less action on your next turn.

No one may attack Qui-Gon until he moves or attacks, or someone discards 3 cards.

A3*.  *For each PADAWAN TRAINING card in your discard pile, add 2 to the attack value.

Themes: Dooku activates Qui-Gon, they take on swarms of enemies.

Strengths: Strong attacks, solid staying power, Qui-Gon’s MEDITATION is extremely useful
Weaknesses: Need both characters to stay alive to activate all cards, not great offense or defense, can struggle to get into position to maximize abilities
Strategy: Throw Qui into the fray and take on bunches of enemies
Test Level: Medium/Low
Tier: 2

Inspiration: Dooku is probably our favorite deck to play mostly because of the way we play the TAUNTING card, where we end up depicting Dooku as cross between a 19th century Southern plantation owner and a 6th century Roman Senator.  Qui-Gon is one of our favorites as well, for the most infantile of reasons.  So we explored this unexplained part of Dooku & Qui-Gon’s history together.

Playing Dooku & Qui-Gon: We haven’t seen them a whole lot but they can wear you down with persistent attacks and take advantage of enemies that move or hide in bunches, and they have a couple of potentially big finishers.  Qui-Gon’s MEDITATION can make him an immovable object in a strategic position on the board and let you control the game for a time.

Playing against Dooku & Qui-Gon: You simply have to avoid clustering together where possible, though it’s not practically always possible to avoid so you’ll have to take your lumps.  Dooku loses a lot of cards and a lot of offense if Qui-Gon dies, making him an obvious top target.





  1. Josh says:

    Nice Deck, didn’t scrutinize over it, but one thing that popped out was the Jedi Master card…Count Dooku doesn’t have anything on scale with that and he theoritically has a few more years of training on him…was thinking maybe a def 7 card that makes attacker discard one? The deck has a lot of offensive potential as it is between Dooku and Qui-gon
    Anywho thanks for all tha amazing decks and hard work you all pour into this 🙂

  2. roman says:

    Thanks Josh. To me, the idea is that a younger, more light-sided Dooku has a different fighting style with different abilities. This sort of represents a more focused lightsaber move, either for offense or defense. The later Dooku has a different style of fighting, and has abandoned the single, focused move for more consistently strong, persistent attacks.

    It’s true they have a lot of offensive potential but we have yet to see them realize it…

  3. Jared says:

    I’m a recent entry into the custom decks portion of the Epic Duels universe… buddies and I played the original at university for hours and hours and hours… knowing nothing about all the new characters found online. Now that we’ve found this, we’re all nearly as giddy as school girls.

    After looking at Dooku and Qui-Gon’s deck, I printed it right away, because I really like (1) the Master powering up the Apprentice idea, and (2) this relationship is one element in the movies I wish they’d developed further. A few times playing it has found it to be lots of fun.
    All that said, here are 2 things we’ve found that might require some minor tweaks….

    1) There was some ambiguity regarding the Padawan Training card…. Is QuiGon’s action free attack defendable? I believe it should be (similar to Maul’s Sith Speed) but 2 other guys thought the extra attack could not be defended…. ultimately resulting in my death and their victory. What’s the official intent?

    2) The Into the Fire card could use some slight re-wording. I believe it to be a great idea; however, each of us had to read it a few times before we grasped it. If we understand it correctly, after Qui-Gon moves, if there are 3 adjacent enemies, each enemy receives 3 damage? It could be worded like this: “After movement, each enemy adjacent to Qui-Gon receives damage equal to number of adjacent enemies” Same stuff different pile I guess.

    Thanks so much for doing all this great work. It’s much appreciated. Keep it up!

  4. roman says:

    Hey Jared, always glad to get another fan!

    Thanks especially for the feedback, we are always looking to make our decks better.

    1) Yes it’s defendable, where does it say that it’s not? It doesn’t count as an action but it can be defended like any other attack.

    2) You understand the card correctly but I see how the wording can be confusing. I think your wording is on the money.

    Now that you understand how the cards are supposed to work, we’d love to get some feedback on how the deck plays. Overpowered? Underpowered? Fun? Clunky? Let us know!

  5. roman says:

    We’ve updated PADAWAN TRAINING to a direct damage effect instead of the extra attack so that should clear anything up regarding that card.

  6. umondy says:

    This is a deck we somehow haven’t tested yet, but it definately is on my radar. I like the combo of Qui-Gonn and Dooku and the deck design is awesome as it is the case MANY times with your decks. I pprobably will just print iot because of the great design.

    I absolutely love the idea of JEDI MEDITATION and actually feel ashamed for not coming up with that idea myself 😀

    This deck really has som many great ideas working for it. The use of discard piles, the interatcions btw. the two characters, plus special cards like the aforementioned. I also really like the agressive nature of this deck. No crazy ass amount of defenses. I absolutely see this deck beeing lots of fun.

    One question, the Dooku mini in the .pdf is this an original WotC mini or a custom?

    • roman says:

      I think I altered the photo of a Dooku figure to have dark hair. I did the same with a SWED Dooku figure and painted the hair black. There is no actual young Dooku figure that I’m aware of.

      We haven’t played this deck much so if you do, I’d be very interested in hearing about your experiences with it.

      • umondy says:

        I have to admit I still did not print it but just came back to it. One more question before going into print, shouldn’t ITF be a Qui-Gon card?

        • roman says:

          Ha I never noticed that. It was originally called THROW QUI-GON INTO THE FIRE so it was supposed to be like Dooku throwing him, and when I shortened it to INTO THE FIRE we just never noticed that the card worked this way.

          If we changed it to a Qui-Gon card then Qui-Gon would have 6 cards, so I guess I would leave it as it is, meaning they both have to be alive to use it. It does seem like Dooku should do something too, at least move.

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