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Darth Sidious

Minor(s): 2 Royal Guards

One of our favorite decks, we’ve had this one since Episode III came out. This deck comes out pretty much every time we play. The challenge has been having the deck be the strongest in our set without being overpowered. We’ve tinkered quite a bit to get his power level down to a beatable level but for a while there it seemed like he wasn’t good enough. Let us know what you think!

What does this deck do:  Pretty much whatever it damn well pleases, with big attacks, big defense and loads of direct damage; the most powerful deck in the set.

Darth Sidious
by Roman F & Geektopia

Darth Sidious
16 HP
22 cards
Green Deck

2 Royal Guards
5 HP each
9 cards
Strong++ Ranged Minor Deck

Darth Sidious – 12 Talent Cards

A6.  If target is destroyed, playing this card does not count as an action.

A9. If this card is defended, Sidious takes damage equal to the attack value of the card used to defend, maximum of 3.

Choose any character on the board to take 3 damage, the player controlling that character gets 1 less action on his/her next turn.

D7. For each enemy that Sidious could attack if he had a blaster, controlling player discards a card.

1x ORDER 66
Choose one set of Royal Guards, Clone Troopers, Storm Troopers, or ARC Troopers to do 2 damage to all opponent’s characters they can attack, not including each other.

Sidious does 3 damage to an adjacent character.  He may discard up to 3 Sidious cards, for every card he discards, Sidious and character each take a point of damage.

Theme: Powerful melee fighter with nasty direct damage
Path to Victory:  SITH LIGHTNING and ORDER 66 early, AGGRESSION and UNLIMITED POWER late.
Strengths: High attacks, strong defense, direct damage that can target you anywhere on the board, strong minors
Weaknesses: Damages himself, no movement
Strategy: Stay away and use direct damage, close in for kill with powerful melee game
Test Level: Very High
Tier: 1

Inspiration: We started talking about this deck when the trailer to Episode 3 came out. Taking him down to a manageable level of power, while still being the most powerful, has been the challenge.

Playing Sidious: Sidious is likely the most powerful deck in the set, a sluggo with big direct damage, but if you play him incorrectly, he can lose in a hurry. Despite his high melee attacks, he is at his best from a distance, using Royal Guards, LIGHTNING, and ORDER 66. Once your opponent is weakened, you can finish him with your big attacks.  Running into battle with AGGRESSION early, tempting as it looks, will get you killed.

Playing against Sidious: You’re in trouble if you have to face him at all. If you have Clone Troopers, position them so you don’t take too much damage from ORDER 66. Remember that your 4/2 and 3/3 cards are great defense against AGGRESSION.  If you’re going to go down, make him do a lot of damage to himself so your teammate can clean up.  Trying to kill his guards early is a good strategy, but if you try and fail, you’ll probably lose.





  1. Josiah says:

    I think the order 66 card is pretty cool i made a chancellor palpatine deck (hasn’t been tweaked has some kinks to work out) where i have a card that allows you to assume control of one enemy minor character and also one random card of that character for one turn any thoughts or tweaks on this idea?

    • roman says:

      Thanks Josiah. We’ve tinkered with cards like that, I think our Sidious deck might even have had a card like that at the very beginning before we streamlined him. Ultimately, we gave the effect to Sly Moore, though we found, and still find, the mechanic difficult to define and annoying in its effect. Yours is slightly less powerful, I would drop the “random card” part of it, good luck.

      • Josiah says:

        I did random because the rest of the deck is designed to be better the more players in the game. i haven’t been able to test it very much, as i was just able to purchase this game and my friends haven’t played the original 12 yet. so i played 1v1 against obi-wan to make sure it wasn’t super op and it got beat comfortably but i think it might be to strong in a bigger game.

        • Josiah says:

          By the way looking forward to playing alot of these decks as long as i can get figures in some way without spending 5-10 bucks a piece.

          • roman says:

            For major characters, you’ll probably have to spring the $5-10 for proper pieces. You can save money if you can find a single lot with many of the characters you want decks for, that’s what I did. Alternatively, many characters have multiple sculpts, e.g. search for Darth Sidious or Palpatine and you’ll find that there are many options and some are going to be much cheaper than others. If you really don’t want to spend money, then you’re kind of bound to proxy figures, e.g. use the Epic Duels Palpatine figure for Darth Sidious.

            Aaron Shockley’s bloomilk.com is a good source for what Star Wars Minis figures are out there.

    • roman says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure what caused that. I checked most of the other pages and all the other .PDFs appear fine, just that one was a problem, but it’s fixed now.

  2. umondy says:

    Who is discarding the card? Is the attacker discarding 1 card for each character Sidious could attack? Or is Sidious discarding a card for each character that has a line of sight to him? Or is any of those characters in LOS discarding a card except (?) the attacker?

    • roman says:

      If you click through to the PDF I think the wording there is a little more clear, but the opponent discards a card for each of his characters that Sidious could attack, even if he’s on the defense.

      • umondy says:

        okay, thank you for explaining that is what I THOUGHT it might be as it is the most reasonable of all the options 🙂
        Pretty cool defense card though!

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