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Chirrut Imwe

Minor(s): Baze Malbus

Freaky Mutant Man did the heavy lifting on this one, but I tweaked it to come up with a fun deck that is powerful yet very beatable.  Chirrut’s deck lets him get out into the action while Baze’s MULTI SHOT is a surprisingly powerful damage-doer in 2v2 (or more).  They’re not going to stand toe-to-toe with Jedi but they won’t exactly wilt either.

What does this deck do:  Clears the board of minors and tries to get the right card combination to damage majors.

Updated 1/18/18

Chirrut & Baze
by Roman F and Freaky Mutant Man

Chirrut Imwe
15 HP
Brown Deck

Baze Malbus
10 HP
Strong+ Ranged Minor deck

Chirrut – 8 talent cards

A4*/D4*.*If used against a minor character, the attack and defense values are 6.

A6*.  If I AM ONE WITH THE FORCE is on top of your discard pile, attack value is 8.

Move Chirrut adjacent to Baze or move Baze adjacent to Chirrut. Playing this card does not count as an action.

Baze – 4 talent cards

A3.  After attacking, Baze may attack any other characters he can attack with this card.  They may defend.

A8.  Draw a card.

Baze recovers up to 4 damage.  Move Baze up to 4 spaces.

Figures: Kir Kanos makes a passable Chirrut. Talon Kardde is a solid Baze.

Objectives and Ideas:

– Tier 3 deck, preferably 3B. Needs to be stronger than the Greedo & Thugs deck, but could otherwise be the weakest in the Geektopia set, at parity with bounty hunter types.

– Chirrut’s deck would have at least 2x I AM ONE WITH THE FORCE and 2x AND THE FORCE IS WITH ME. A well-timed combination of the two should give Chirrut a potential Path to Victory even if Baze has been defeated.  In this deck, we’ve gone with 3 of each, and you kind of need to if you want to be pulling that combo off with any regularity.

– For Chirrut’s 3x, bread-and-butter card, I think he needs a minor-slaying card, something that lets him dominate against them while he struggles to defeat strong majors, needing some contribution from Baze to beat them.

– Baze’s screen persona is effective rifleman, which is exactly what he needs to be in this deck. He needs at least one big attack or perhaps a pair of them. He needs to be a legit threat. If this deck were to defeat Yoda, Defender of Kashyyk, it would be because Baze blasted him.

My goal is for them to be kind of annoying and able to occasionally surprise you, but not really that effective at winning the game. Jan 2018 update gave Chirrut 15 HP vs. 13 HP previous.






  1. Freaky Mutant Man says:

    So, after playing this version of the deck for awhile, I have to say: 13 HP with a Brown deck is simply way, way too weak for a melee major. If Baze is only going to have 10 HP, Chirrut needs, like 15 or 16 HP at minimum to not just get dunked on immediately. I understand you want them to be weaker than your Jedi/Sith decks, but as is I think Chirrut and Baze don’t measure up to even 4-LOM.

    • roman says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t seen this deck a whole lot and it was intended to be weak, and it definitely has played weak, but it was also intended to be at about the level of the Tier 3B bounty hunter decks. 4-LOM and IG-88 each have have 14 HP and their minors have 10 and 11 HP, respectively. If Baze is 10 HP, Chirrut probably needs at least 14 HP to be on their level, maybe 15. I’ll adjust to 15 and see how that goes, if he’s a little better than IG-88 and 4-LOM, that’s ok, as long as they’re still Tier 3B. You can play him with 16 HP if you want, but that’s stronger than I want him to be.

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