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Minor(s): Padme

What does this deck do:  WRATHS opposing minors.  Threatens with heavy hitting ranged minor.  Duels with offense and defense.

Anakin Skywalker
Original, unmodified Epic Duels deck by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness

Anakin Skywalker
18 HP
19 Cards
Red Deck

Padme Amidala
10 HP
12 Cards

Strong Ranged Minor Deck

Anakin – 9 Talent Cards

Move to any minor character, inflict 7 damage

A8; discard all but 1

No damage from attack; Attacker loses 1HP

Move 8, draw 5 if hand is empty

Padme – 3 Talent Cards

A9; discard 1 to draw 1

A6, move 6

Padme recovers 4HP if Anankin is alive; 2HP if he’s dead

Why not tweak Anakin?  We’ve always felt this was one of the best-designed decks, as it is aggressive and has cards that represent its characters very well in both character and effect.  This is the deck I’ve seen tweaked the least in my experience, and just about everyone likes it the way it is.

Themes: Wrath, Anger, and Calm
Path to Victory: ANGER + CALM or ANGER + ANGER
Strengths: High attacks, big ranged attacks, solid defense, outstanding killing power vs minors, strong minor
Weaknesses: Needs to get his cards in the right order, mediocre defense
Strategy: WRATH and Padme early, ANGER and CALM late.
Tier: 2

Notes: This is probably the least-tweaked deck I’ve seen through the Epic Duels Online Community and anywhere Epic Duels is played.  Maybe, just maybe, someone once proposed making WRATH usable in some way against majors, but it’s otherwise the one deck everyone leaves alone.  Everyone agrees that its strength in both 1v1 and 2v2 is about average, it doesn’t have any broken or negative play experience cards, and the cards fit the characters very well.  We’ve probably always liked Anakin a little more than most others, and have had him ranked among the top of Tier 2 decks in the past before settling him more into the middle as we do now.  Anakin relies upon getting his cards in the right order more than other characters, but when he does, he has a higher ceiling than many Tier 2 decks with his A8s and Padme’s A9 along with a potential game-changer in WRATH in the Geektopia set, where there are many more important, named minors.  Any major with a Red deck will have a low floor, and Anakin is no exception.

Want more Anakin?

There are many decks for later versions of Anakin, including our own, but as far as Episode II Anakin, I think this is it, and like I’ve said already, I don’t even think I’ve seen any tweaks for him.

There are some interesting decks out there for Padme, though:

Captain Panaka and 2 Padmes by Brady Severns is a really interesting deck, spawned by The Queen’s Gambit game.

Queen Amidala and Captain Panaka by Freaky Mutant Man is another take.


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