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Ahsoka Tano

Minor(s): Captain Rex

Thanks to J2Artist for the art!  This addition to the Geektopia set came about as a result of the 2012 GenCon Tournament and the 10-Year Anniversary Set that the Epic Duels online community put together in 2013.  There have been no updates since the conclusion of The Clone Wars cartoon series because it’s already a very fun, well put together deck with the perfect minor in Rex.

What does this deck do:  Hits you, defends and reshuffles, then does it again.

Ahsoka Tano & Captain Rex
by Roman F

Ahsoka Tano
15 HP
18 cards
Red Deck

Captain Rex
10 HP
13 cards
Strong Ranged Minor Deck

Ahsoka Tano – 8 Talent Cards

A8*. *Subtract 2 from the attack value for each HEADSTRONG in your discard pile.

A5. You may play this card face up to move Ahsoka up to 5 spaces before attacking.

D5. You may reshuffle your discard pile into your draw pile.

Ahsoka does 2 damage to all characters she can attack. Then,
move Ahsoka up to 6 spaces.

Captain Rex – 4 Talent Cards

A3*. *After attacking, Rex may attack again with
another card without using an action.

A6. Move Rex to any vacant space.

Themes: Headstrong and a bit of luck
Path to Victory: HEADSTRONG + SWITCH AND FEINT + repeat
Strengths: High attacks, power defense, strong minor
Weaknesses: Mediocre staying power, high attacks can be controlled by enemy
Strategy: Attack aggressively and get your opponent to strike back
Test Level: Low-Medium
Tier: 2

Inspiration:  In case you don’t know, Ahsoka Tano is one of the most prominent characters in the highly popular Star Wars Cartoon series that ran for many years, 2nd in prominence only to Anakin Skywalker, and the primary character in Season 7, the final season.  When Hasbro nearly released a sequel to Epic Duels, Ahsoka was to be a featured part of it.

Playing Ahsoka: You want to be aggressive with her but without getting her killed.  Her base Red deck and 15 HP make her pretty fragile so you need to stockpile a bit.  Rex is dangerous but expendable, so don’t be afraid to use him early to draw fire away from Ahsoka.  You can stay out of the action, then use ADVANCED ABILITIES and HEADSTRONG together to put a lot of damage on an unsuspecting opponent, then dare them to attack you, which is kind of what you want if you have SWITCH AND FEINT.

Playing against Ahsoka: Ahsoka can hit you anywhere on the board with strong offense so you need to be aware and ready.  Her goal is for you to attack her when she wants you to and you have to disrupt that.  Rex isn’t very dangerous so while you want to kill him off quickly if you can, you don’t want to get sucked into using a bunch of cards or actions on him when Ahsoka herself is pretty fragile. Hit Ahsoka repeatedly and she’ll go down fast just like any other red deck.

Want more Ahsoka?

The Scott Hagarty version finished 2nd place in the 10-Year Anniversary Set to our version in a very close vote.

Palamon has one too.





  1. pfonstad says:

    Looks like a fun deck! The link to the pdf isn’t working though 🙁 Any chance it can be fixed so I can print it out and play it?

  2. roman says:

    Hey thanks! Problem solved, sorry about that!

    We haven’t played this one a whole lot so if you do, please let us know how it plays!

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